Movie Review: Time Changer

Time Changer is a movie with a message for today’s society. Produced by Rich Christiano’s Five and Two Pictures, the film is 100% clean, with no objectionable material or profanity. If fact, among other issues, Time Changer addresses that very item – the deterioration of the media produced in modern times. Although Time Changer does have some humorous moments, in essence the film is quite sobering to those who view it.

The film begins in the late 1800’s as a professor named Russell Carlisle is facing a challenge from one of his colleagues, Dr. Anderson, who is in disagreement with the professor’s idea that morality can be promoted in society apart from Christ. Anderson invites Carlisle to his home to discuss the issue; however, little does Carlisle know that he is in for an adventure that will change his life forever.

When he arrives, Dr. Anderson reveals a time-travel machine that he has invented and coerces Carlisle to step inside in order to see the future. Carlisle scoffs at the notion, but within minutes he finds himself translated to the 21st century.

As Carlisle walks down the city streets of America in the 2000’s, he is horrified at what he discovers about today’s world. Morality has become subjective; youth are disrespectful and disobedient; women are aborting their children; the Lord’s name is blasphemed on the movie screen, and television is filled with filth and ungodliness. The reality of the coming age opens his eyes about the need for men to hold fast to Biblical teaching and preaching in the name of Christ. However, one of the most powerful scenes in Time Changer is when Carlisle stands to speak at a church that he visits and chastises professing Christians for their lukewarm and sloppy way of life.

Most interesting as well is the ending of the film – which I will not divulge – but I will just say that Carlisle’s last few seconds in modern America is not only suspenseful, but also quite powerful.

I would recommend Time Changer over most “Christian” films available today. You can view the trailer at the movie’s official website at

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