Businesses Hire ‘Corporate Chaplains’

While it may be nearly unheard of by most, over 4,000 major corporations and counting in America utilize the services of a corporate chaplain. A corporate chaplain is a trained minister who avails himself to speak to employees about personal matters and offers them guidance.

According to reports, General Motors, Ford, Coca-Cola and Tyson Foods all have corporate chaplains. While some companies say that such services are vital to business operations by ensuring that their employees have someone to talk to when in need, others say that their services are not utilized by many as they do not wish to discuss private concerns.

Additionally, some businesses have prohibited corporate chaplains from proselytizing, and have asked that they not “foist any specific religion upon an employee.” Therefore, many corporate chaplains offer advice void of God, and must assist employees who are depressed, frustrated, struggling with addictions, home issues or sicknesses without citing the Scriptures or speaking on the principles of Christianity.

For others, references to the Bible are kept quiet on purpose, unless specifically approached. Corporate Chaplains of America (CCA), which is observing its 17th year in 2012, claims that it “does not overstep the faith boundaries of any client.” “Chaplains don’t carry Bibles, but they do carry personal digital organizers, cell phones and two-way paging devices,” the company states. “If an employee requests to speak with a Rabbi or even a Buddhist monk, CCA would help arrange it.”

“I don’t want to get a sermon every Thursday when he visits my office and we never do,” said the president of one client.

CCA is located in Wake Forest, North Carolina, and claims to have seen over 24,000 employees and their family members make professions of faith since its inception.

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