JC Penney Features Lesbian ‘Couple’ in May Catalog

The popular department store JC Penney is coming under fire for advertising a same-sex couple in its May catalog.

The advertisement is entitled “Freedom of Expression” and features a woman identified as “Wendy” with “her partner Maggie,” and their daughters Raven and Clover. The women are embracing each other and smiling. The photograph was in promotion of the company’s Mother’s Day sale.

While some are lauding JC Penney for “trying to appeal to a progressive customer,” others are disturbed by the retailer’s continued promotion of homosexuality. The group One Million Moms, which is a division of the American Family Association, is standing against the advertisement.

“It is obvious that JCP would rather take sides than remain neutral. JCP will hear from the other side, so they need to hear from us as well,” the organization writes.

One Million Moms has been attempting to make inroads with JC Penney’s corporate office since Ellen DeGeneres was appointed as the spokesperson for the company.

“Last time OMM contacted JC Penney store managers, we were brushed off. Some even experienced in person the store manager saying ‘thank you’ and walking off while their customer and our concerned members were in mid-sentence,” their website states. “OMM has been told that [the] JCP corporate office told store managers to say ‘thank you’ and then walk away. If they want our business, then we will not be ignored!”

The organization is calling upon citizens to contact their local JC Penney store and express disapproval since the corporate office has not been receptive to their concerns.

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