Indian Abortionist Accused of Feeding Fetuses to Dogs on the Run

An abortionist out of India that was accused of feeding fetuses to his dogs is on the run, sources say.

Sudam Munde was arrested last month after a woman that was seeking a sex-selection abortion died during the procedure. He was later released from police custody and has since vanished. He had been arrested previously upon suspicion that he was hiding evidence of gendercide by feeding the bodies of aborted baby girls to dogs.

“There are two or three past cases already against this doctor. We are investigating reports that he used to feed the fetuses to his dogs,” said Superintendent of Police Dattatray Mandlik.

“One of the officials told me that Doctor Munde had four dogs, and that he used to feed them the fetuses after performing abortions to destroy evidence,” state health minister Sureth Shetty told the Mumbai Mirror.

“This doctor is notorious. Two years ago, health department officials sealed his sonography machine and cancelled his operating license for carrying out illegal sex determination tests and abortions. Despite this, he has managed to continue his practice,” she added.

Shetty has now asked the Crime Branch to investigate further into the matter. Police have also obtained Munde’s financial records, and reports say that he is a millionaire.

Munde and his wife Saraswate are believed to be moving to a different hideout daily. Officials have sealed off the couple’s abortion facility and are preventing anyone from entering. They believe that the Munde’s have also been operating without a license for the past three years. Sudam is being charged with violating the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act, and may lose his license if found guilty.

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Beed, Maharashtra, India has one of the most imbalanced boy to girl ratios in India, with 800 girls for every 1,000 boys born.

(Photo: Pune Mirror, India)

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