Bible Translators Work to Reach Witch Doctors and Spiritists in New Guinea

Bible translators are laboring diligently to reach people groups in New Guinea that have never received a copy of the Scriptures.

The locals are working in a section of the country called New Ireland, which has 23 different languages spoken by the various people groups there. Bibles have been translated for only eight of the languages so far, and reports state that part of the reason is that New Guinea is one of the most remote areas of the world. The region is also filled with many witch doctors and spiritists.

Wycliffe is financially supporting the translators and helping them to speed up their operation. While it normally takes 15-25 years to translate the New Testament into an uncharted language, workers in New Ireland state that they believe it will take them eight years for all fifteen translations to be completed.

“Now I can understand the Bible more clearly,” one translator stated. “Now I can eat and sleep good and recognize that it is very true that God is good. I think forward, for what is in front of me is eternal life.”

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