Alabama Democrats May Replace Candidate Running Against Ten Commandments Judge

Reports are circulating that Harry Lyon, the Democratic candidate running against Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore, may be replaced due to “bizarre behavior.”

Democrats state that among their concerns are statements that Lyon made on his Facebook page expressing disapproval of homosexuality. Lyon reportedly said that same-sex “marriage” is “an abomination of God” and that “only sick and perverted persons believe in homosexuality or lesbianism, though there are a lot of them.”

Lyon states that he believes that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation.

Democrats, however, state that his comments regarding homosexuality are not their only concern. They claim that he has also made derogatory statements about opponents and the Alabama Supreme Court.

On Friday, Lyon will be attending a “show cause” meeting in Birmingham with the Alabama Democratic Party, where he will be asked to defend his positions and statements.

Lyon’s Republican challenger, Judge Roy Moore, is currently leading in the polls 55 to 33 percent. As previously reported, Moore served as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court from 2001-2003, but was removed for his refusal to remove a two-ton granite monument of the Ten Commandments from the courthouse.

“Without God, there can be no ethics,” Moore declared in front of the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission.

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During the Republican primaries earlier this year, Moore won the nomination in a landslide vote, even though his opponents had outspent him six times over. It was said that the reason for his win was that the evangelical community rallied around Moore at the polls, while those who did not identify as Christians decided to skip the primaries.

Photo: Weld for Birmingham

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