Huckabee Rallies Pastors to Support Akin, Rebukes GOP

Tampa, Florida (CNN) – Mike Huckabee participated in a conference call Friday night with hundreds of Baptist pastors and Christian talk radio hosts in Missouri that was organized to coordinate a robust defense of Rep. Todd Akin as he faces pressure from Washington Republicans to drop his Senate bid against Democrat Claire McCaskill.

Akin told reporters in St. Louis today that he would not quit the race.

Speaking harshly about establishment Republicans who have tried to force Akin from the Missouri race, Huckabee at one point compared the National Republican Senatorial Committee to “union goons” who “kneecap” their enemies.

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Photo: Gage Skidmore

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  • Mama Gore

    Thank God there are courageous men like Huckabee and the others who will stand by Mr. Akin. I don’t understand what is wrong with saying legitimate rape or stating the truth that stress helps thwart conception, which would be the state of any women experiencing the horror of rape. Are people forgetting the Roe v. Wade rape case that brought about the evil of the present day holocaust was not a legitimate rape, but a lie? Yes, “Roe” wasn’t raped. I’m praying for Akin, honor God and He will honor you!

  • ccalreds

    Agreeing with you 100%.