Scores of Children Kidnapped in Bangladesh Being Trained for Islamic Jihad

At least 80 Christian children have been kidnapped from their homes by radical Islamic clerics in Bangladesh, sold to Madrasas and forced to convert to Islam, reports state.

According to the organization International Christian Concern (ICC), only 11 of the 80 children that have been missing for more than half a year have been located and rescued. After seven months of desperate searching, the parents of the missing children contacted the Hotline Human Rights Trust (HHRT) to request assistance in retrieving their sons and daughters, who were later located.

When questioned, the children testified that acts of physical brutality were practiced against them when they refused to pray, read the Quran or learn Arabic, and that they were placed under forcible circumcision. Acts of physical abuse were evident on the hands of one young girl that was rescued after she refused to study Arabic for six hours a day and participate in Muslim prayers five times a day. The location of the remaining 69 missing Christian children, believed to be held hostage by abusive and violent radical Muslims, is still unknown and the search is ongoing.

A group of radical Islamic clerics known as Mullahs have reportedly taken advantage of the lack of local schools at the remote areas of Chittagong Hills of Eastern Bangladesh in order to traffic Christian children for Jihad. Because parents are obliged to search for education in nearby cities, the Mullahs deceivingly promise them a high-quality education and housing of their children in nearby cities for a rough amount of US$250 and then sell the children to Madrasas, which are Islamic boarding schools.

According to Corey Bailey, the ICC Regional Manager for Asia, Christian children in Bangladesh remain under the threat of being trafficked for the purpose of conversion to Islam and training for Jihad until government officials take the necessary steps to protect Christians.

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