Evangelists Descend Upon Democratic National Convention to Preach Repentance and Faith in Christ

A number of evangelists from across the country have descended upon the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina to reach out to attendees of the Democratic National Convention.

As thousands gather in preparation for Thursday’s acceptance speech of Barack Obama, the evangelists state that they are using the opportunity to call the nation to repentance.

“We just want to declare the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Kris Estep of A Holy Ambition Ministries of North Carolina. “We see so much of morality going down the tubes [and] a lack of understanding of the truth of Scripture.”

In addition to A Holy Ambition Ministries, Repent America of Pennsylvania, Cross Country Evangelism of New York, Full Proof Gospel Ministries and Operation Save America of North Carolina and others are among the many evangelistic groups that are engaging in witnessing efforts throughout the city, as well as a number of individual Christians from the local area. Through street preaching, one-on-one witnessing and tract distribution, the evangelists hope to send a message to the delegates and attendees that the nation must return to God — both Republicans and Democrats alike.

“I’m concerned with what’s going on with both parties on both sides,” Estep outlined. “As Christians, we need to do our best to inform people and let them know the stands that the parties are taking.”

Michael Marcavage of Repent America preaches against the Abortion Holocaust near a 15-ton Obama sand statue.

Michael Marcavage of Repent America agreed. He spent much of the day engaged in open-air preaching about the Biblical role of law and government.

“The purpose of government is to uphold God’s law in our land, not to rule according to their own moral relativism,” he stated. “We need candidates in civil government who love and fear God.”

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Marcavage outlined that unBiblical voting practices have largely contributed to the moral demise of our country.

“Our nation has been sowing corruption by voting for those who rebel against God, and we’ve been reaping the consequences — and we will continue to,” he explained. “The delusion is great in our land, and those who profess the name of Christ must start reading their Bibles and stop voting for evildoers to rule, or suffer His judgments.”

Earlier in the afternoon, the evangelists stood across the street from a Planned Parenthood rally, where many women donned pink t-shirts and gathered to express their support for abortion and birth control.

“There’s a large group of people chanting, ‘Pro-choice! Pro-choice!'” Estep told Christian News Network. “We, [on the other hand], are out here to take a stand for the unborn.”

While the Planned Parenthood demonstrators were quite vocal, the men noted that there was otherwise much apathy from passersby on every level, including on the topic of politics.

“It was typical American apathy,” stated Jesse Boyd of Full Proof Gospel Ministries. “I was surprised to find the atmosphere pretty mellow. There wasn’t the record number of protesters that the media projected. … After one day, it looks like a flop [for the Democratic party].”

Don Karns and Mike Stockwell hold signs as attendees and locals pass through the area.

However, there was the occasional angry heckler. Boyd recalled one incident as he was preaching the Gospel that he found particularly memorable.

“A 70-year-old man grabbed me and acted like he wanted to get violent,” he outlined. “I found it amazing that a 70-year-old would want to attack a 35-year-old man.”

Boyd said that police stepped in and stopped the elderly man from assaulting him any further, and he continued preaching.

The men stated that they did see a few well-known public figures throughout the day as well.

“One of our guys actually saw Anderson Cooper — he’s an open homosexual,” Boyd noted. “But, he received a Gospel tract and said ‘thank you.'”

Others noted Democratic figures James Carville and Jesse Jackson. Jackson reportedly heard the Gospel at least twice.

All in all, the men stated that the day went smoothly.

“As long as we have been been faithful in proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ, and we’ve taken a stand for Godliness, we did what we came for,” Estep said.

The men plan to share the Gospel with attendees all week during the convention.

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  • Praise the LORD for you and all the brothers faithfulness. LORD Bless you all. There is No King but Christ !!

  • david spradling

    Praise the Lord for what you are doing . I have been proclaiming ,The Kingdom of heaven is at hand. It is time for an awakening of the people of God. then quoting 2chron.7:14 . Awaken ,Awaken oh Church,Return to your first love ,seek God face before America is gone as we know it. The blood of Jesus Christ will wash away all of our sins just like we have never sinned … I live in Spartanburg SC. I am Praying and believing for a great Awakening.

    • David Spradling

      Praise the Lord for what you are doing. I have been proclaiming, The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. It is time for an awakening of the people of God. Quoting 2Chron 7:14. Awaken, Awaken oh Church, Return to your first love, seek Gods face before America is gone as we know it. The Blood of Jesus Christ will wash away all our sins just like we have never sinned…. I live in Spartanburg SC. I am Praying and believing for a great Awakening.