Missions Group Raises Awareness of Plight of Orphans

A missions organization that focuses on caring for orphans and distressed children is conducting a diaper drive through early November.

Mission Network News reports that Dr. Jerry Haag, the president of Florida Baptist Children’s Homes and Orphan’s Heart, is conducting its annual 40 Days for the Fatherless campaign to help raise awareness about the plight of orphans.

“What we’re trying to do is focus everyone’s thoughts, their attentions and even actions to help the 140 million orphans around the world,” Haag explained. “Last year we raised 230,000  diapers to be distributed domestically and also in developing countries. Our goal this year is 300,000 diapers.”

“Our goal is to be able to help defray significant childcare costs for our foster parents and for the Children’s Malnutrition Center in Guatemala by providing them with a large quantity of disposable diapers for use throughout the year,” the ministry states.

Haag said that he came up with the idea after visiting his ministry partners in Guatemala.

“They just had a shirt that was wrapped around the [baby’s] bottom side, tied together with a rope at the top,” he outlined. “As uncomfortable as it became for me to hold that child, it was even more uncomfortable for that little baby as that baby tried to sleep at night —  as that baby tried to go throughout the day just constantly wet.”

The ministry is collecting donations of diapers at its various offices throughout the state, such as Miami, Orlando and Tallahassee, as well as monetary donations, and asks people to pray for the many orphaned children that will be receiving the items.

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“One of the best ways [to help] is praying over those diapers as they’re gathered — praying for the little one that’s going to be wrapped around the little velcro piece of disposable diaper,” Haag said. “[P]ray for their life, pray for their health, and then pray for them to come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.”

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