Biden: Transgenderism is ‘Civil Rights Issue of Our Time’

Biden pdDuring a visit this week to a field office in Florida, incumbent Vice President Joe Biden made further remarks about transgenderism.

According to reports, Biden visited the Obama for America office in Sarasota on Tuesday, when he began to speak with a woman who he said caught his attention because “he thought she had beautiful eyes.”

The pool reporter on hand stated that they could not hear what the woman was saying to Biden, but heard his response, which was, “It’s the civil rights issue of our time.” They then tracked down the woman, whose name is Linda Carragher Bourne.

Bourne explained that she had told Biden that her “daughter” was Miss Trans New England, and asked if the vice president would assist transgendered persons.

“These guys are gonna make it happen,” she told the reporter.

According to the Washington Blade, in August, Biden spoke to a group at a same-sex resort in Provincetown, Massachussetts, where he stated that homosexuals are “freeing the souls of the American people” and are defending the “civil rights of every straight American.”

The Obama-Biden administration has been noted by many as being the most forceful in advancing the homosexual agenda in American history. Homosexuality has been sharply proscribed since the nation’s founding, as George Washington ordered a soldier drummed out of camp for engaging in inappropriate relations with another man.

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  • veritas

    Good job he is out on his ar5e now.Obama-ination and him are hell-bound workers of lawlessness and darkness, advancing and preparing the way for Satan’s anti-Christ. The world has almost made the transition to full blown Sodom and Gomorrah. Repent for the KINGDOM of Jesus Christ on David’s throne is at hand. Unfortunately for the unbelieving world Armageddon and JUDGEMENT first.