Finnish Toilet Paper Company Flushes Scripture Rolls Following Complaints

A toilet paper company in Finland recently decided to discontinue a line of its printed rolls following complaints from Christians over the business’s placement of Scripture on toilet tissue.

Metsa Tissue says that it never intended on offending anyone when it posted Bible verses from Matthew and First Corinthians on its potty paper, but that it rather sought to provide inspiration to customers. The Scripture suggestions were provided on Facebook from supporters.

“People like to read small, happy messages while sitting on the toilet,” spokesperson Christina von Trampe told reporters. “The vast majority of the feedback has been positive. Our intention was to spread love and joy, not religious messages.”

One of the quotes was from Jesus Christ in Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

The toilet paper brand is sold in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and often features a variety of quotes and lines of poetry from a number of sources.

However, when some Christians and members of clergy found out about the company’s use of the Bible on its rolls, they contacted Metsa Tissue to express concern. Some stated that the concept is insensitive.

“This is bad taste and shows lack of respect,” one minister stated. “Bible verses do not belong on a roll of toilet paper.”

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Metsa tissue says that while it will no longer place Scripture on its product, it will continue to provide other messages and quotes as it has in the past.

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