Christian Apologist and Cult Expert Dave Hunt Passes Into Eternity

Christian apologist, author and speaker David Hunt has passed away. He was 87.

Hunt began working in ministry in 1973, and in 1997 he founded his own outreach, known as The Berean Call. He worked together with friend Tom McMahon to create books and videos to educate, warn and edify the Body of Christ.

One of Hunt’s most well-known books was The Seduction of Christianity: Spiritual Discernment in the Last Days, released in 1985. The publication exposed false doctrines in the church and those who were teaching them.

“To avoid the seduction that is at the heart of apostasy, we must be able to distinguish the voice of Christ through His word from the confusing mixture of truth and error that is spoken in His name,” he wrote. “Those who would escape the growing seduction must get back to the Bible and know what they believe and why, rather than succumbing to the temptation of accepting facile answers provided by ‘experts.'”

Other books penned by Hunt included The Cult Explosion, An Urgent Call to Serious Faith and Islam, Israel and the Nations. His last book was entitled Cosmos, Creator and Human Destiny.

Hunt often discussed topics such as the pervasiveness of New Age philosophy, the practice of witchcraft and sorcery and the agenda of atheism. He also became concerned with the worldwide spread of Islam, and the doctrines taught by the Roman Catholic Church.

“One of Dave’s favorite activities was to see whom God would seat next to him on airplanes as he traveled and spoke,” explains The Berean Call in a tribute to Hunt’s life. “While writing about Islam, he would [often] end up seated next to a Muslim who didn’t really understand what Islam was about but was eager to hear the difference between the Bible and the Qur’an. When Dave was writing about creation vs. evolution, the Lord would bring him, as a seat companion, an atheistic scientist who thought he had all the answers and was very surprised that there was another verifiable explanation to this universe.”

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Dave and his wife Ruth traveled both across America and around the world sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. In addition to discipling youth at their home, the Hunts also spent a considerable amount of time in Europe, where Dave once helped to send Bibles into the Soviet Union.

“We are raising a generation on the spiritual junk food of religious videos, movies, youth entertainment and comic book paraphrases of the Bible,” he once lamented. “The Word of God is being rewritten, watered down, illustrated, and dramatized in order to cater to the taste of the carnal mind. That only leads further into the wilderness of doubt and confusion.”

No public memorial services have been scheduled for Hunt, and in lieu of flowers or other gifts, his family requests that Christians simply join them in rejoicing that he is in the presence of the Lord.

Hunt’s wife Ruth was by his side when he passed. The couple had four children.

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  • Thanks for posting this. I miss him and I still do. His writings, faith, and stand for truth were such a blessing to me. I can’t wait to see him one day in Heaven.

    • Bruce Morrow

      Me either. While never knowing Dave Hunt personally, I nonetheless read many of his books. They were were well researched and informative. Dave was an godly ensample! May I be faithful to the LORD like Dave Hunt is my prayer!