South Dakota Businessman Countering Atheist Billboards With Scripture

billboard pdSIOUX FALLS — A businessman in South Dakota is using Scripture to counter atheist billboards that have been erected in the city of Sioux Falls.

The South Dakota Coalition of Reason had purchased billboard space in seven locations throughout the state, including in Rapid City, Brookings and Sioux Falls. The simple billboards read, “Don’t believe in God? Join the club,” and provide a link to the organization’s website.

However, when William Keider of BSR Construction saw the billboards, he viewed them as an attack on God, and decided to purchase his own billboard space to make a statement.

“I just thought we should have an alternate viewpoint out there,” Kreider told the Argus Leader. “I don’t have a problem with people being atheists, but I just wanted to give God a chance. I’m defending my God, basically.”

So far, the business owner has purchased two billboards, one of which is in close proximity to the atheist sign. The message appears every six slides on the electronic board.

“The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God,'” the sign reads, quoting Psalms 14:1.

Kreider told reporters that he believes that it is important for Christians to take a stand for their faith.

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“People ignore the areas of the Bible that say we should fight the good fight of faith, and the Old Testament [instances] where God had Israel combat the heathen nations and false gods,” Kreider told the Christian Post.

“I think it is time for others to be able to read some Scripture,” he also outlined in a recent Facebook post. “I am hoping to get people’s interest so that they start reading what God has to say instead of what man has to say. It could be a great thing.”

However, Kreider also noted that he has been attacked verbally for erecting the signs.

“I’ve received hate mail that was very uncouth,” he explained. “[But] I’ve also received good responses. … So far, it has been a mixed response.”

Amanda Novotny with the South Dakota Coalition of Reason said that she doesn’t have a problem with Kreider’s billboards, because she believes it is his right as an American.

“One of the things that’s great about America is freedom of speech, so they have every right to put up a bill board,” she stated.

As for Kreider, he explained that he hopes the billboards will generate discussion and will, most of all, draw men to Christ.

“I hope to draw people towards looking to God instead of the world,” he told reporters. “I know that many are hardened to God and will never listen, as several responses have shown, but if one turns to God because of this sign then it will be worth it.”

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  • Bill

    I don’t understand theists hostile responses to atheists. Atheists do not care if you believe in a God or practice your religion as long as you don’t impose your beliefs on them or others or bring it into government. It’s the same with ice cream. Personally, I can’t stand vanilla ice cream and only eat chocolate but, I don’t hate vanilla eaters and don’t try to force my tastes on them and expect the same respect in return. Simple.

    • andrew m

      Then why put a billboard in the first place? Sounds like a waste of money if you don’t care what others believe and don’t want to push your beliefs on others.