UK Christian Girl Guide Leaders Agree to Remove God From Oath Amid Atheist Pressure

Girls outdoors pdA group of Christian Girl Guide leaders, who refused to remove references to God from their promise, have said they will use the movement’s new oath after facing pressure to accept the change from an atheist volunteer and the National Secular Society (NSS).

The leaders, from Harrogate, New Yorkshire expressed dismay that the promise to “love my God” had been removed from the Girlguiding oath, and said they would encourage their members and leaders to continue using the traditional pledge when meeting in their church groups.

But Jem Henderson (28), an atheist voluntary leader backed by the NSS, accused the group of forcing her to take the original pledge, arguing that their actions were “discriminatory” against her and “any atheist in the group already.”

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  • Nikkip

    I’ve been asked to stop praying over my food by a waiter. I wasn’t praying loud but, I looked up and seen a man looking hatefully at me so I ignored them both and kept praying my husband said arent you afraide of getting in trouble after I got done? No then I told him about the lions den. I would face death for my faith and nothing less would make me stop praising and praying to God. I’ll let my little light shine till Jesus comes.

  • Mary Waterton

    What are you going to do, UK Christians, when the atheists demand you wear a 666 tattoo? Submit to that too? Cowardice comes at a price (Rev. 21:8).