Couple Says Lesbian Waitress Lied About No Tip, Collected Thousands in Discrimination ‘Scam’

tipBRIDGEWATER, N.J. — A couple in New Jersey has alleged that a lesbian waitress doctored their receipt and forged a note in an attempt to make it look like they refused to tip her because of her homosexuality.

Earlier this month, Dayna Morales, a server at Gallop Asian Bistro, posted a photo on Facebook of a receipt with a line through the tip section and a handwritten note that read, “I’m sorry, but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle.” She claimed that a woman she served called her “Dan,” declined to tip her and left a note on the bill.

“I am thoroughly offended, mad, p***ed off and hurt that this is what her kids will grow up learning and that I served in the Marines to keep ignorant people like them free,” Morales wrote in her status.

The story soon went viral and donations from around the world began pouring in as many felt sympathy for the waitress.

However, after seeing the story on the news, a couple from New Jersey, who are not revealing their identity, recognized the receipt as looking familiar. They compared the bill and became convinced that it was their check as all of the data matched, and the name on the credit card could still be read under the redacted area. However, as opposed to Morales’ copy, the couple’s receipt showed that they had tipped the waitress $18, and included no such note.

Disturbed by the situation, the couple contacted local television station WNBC to show their receipt, which was printed at the exact same time and date, and with Morales’ name at the top, but with the tip included. They also presented their Visa statement, which indicated that the tip had indeed been deducted.

The couple said that they were additionally disturbed by Morales’ story because they don’t oppose homosexuality, which they believe is further evidence that the note was a fake.

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“I said, … ‘She’s doctored up our check!'” the wife explained to reporters upon comparing the receipts.

The couple remembers discussing the name “Dan,” but have a different story than Morales. They state that they were told that “Dan” would be their server, and when Morales approached and was instead a girl, the wife said, “Whoa, you’re not Dan!”

The husband remarked that he was upset that others are making money off what he believes is a hoax.

“The restaurant’s profiting from this; obviously Dana’s profiting from this,” he stated. “It’s a fraud. It’s a scam.”

“[I]t’s a shame and dishonorable,” the wife added.

When WNBC reporter Brynn Gingras told Morales about the couple coming forward, Morales insisted that the handwriting is not hers, but said she doesn’t know what happened. When asked if she understood why the couple would be upset, she replied, “I guess, I mean, sure.”

She told reporters that she was going to donate $3,000 of the contributions to the Wounded Warriors Project.

Gallup Asian Bistro is now conducting an internal investigation into the matter. The couple, who states that they have dined at the restaurant for years, now says that they will not go back.

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  • Kara

    The story says that the couple provided their credit card statement which showed that the tip was charged to their card.

  • Mary Waterton

    It illustrates how easily these so-called “anti-discrimination” and “hate speech” bills pouring out of Congress could be used to shake down employers, customers, etc.

  • Betty-Anne

    I’d love to see everyone who had access to the merchant receipt take a handwriting analysis test. The customers are not the liars, but someone at the restaurant certainly is.

  • D. Kermott

    Let’s say Morales is telling the truth. Who stands to profit from a waitress not receiving a tip that was obviously charged? Who has the ability to re-print a receipt?
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the owners of the restaurant were charged with defrauding their workers.