Christian Sports Ministry Under Attack After Denouncing Policies of U.S. Olympic Committee

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MADISON, Wis. – The president of a Christian sports ministry says his organization has been under attack after he denounced the ‘pro-homosexual policies’ of the U.S. Olympic Committee during the recent Sochi Olympics.

Steve McConkey is president of 4 WINDS Christian Athletics, a worldwide sports ministry based in Madison, Wisconsin. 4 WINDS has provided support for athletes across the world during recent Olympic games and other sporting events.

McConkey has repeatedly voiced concern over the pro-homosexual agenda of major sports companies and organizations, including the U.S. Olympic Committee. He says the recent addition of “sexual orientation” to the Committee’s anti-discrimination policy should raise red flags for Christians.

“Christians believe homosexuality is a sin,” McConkey wrote in a press release late last year. “So does that mean that Christians are discriminators?”

“The policies are set up for discrimination against gay athletes, but there could be reverse discrimination in the future,” McConkey warned. “It is a matter of time when Christians that believe homosexuality is a sin will go against the law of the land. The Olympic movement shadows what is happening in the real world.”


In an article about 4 WINDS published this month in the Wisconsin State Journal, McConkey explained that homosexuality is a controversial topic, but that God has called him to speak out about it.

“Most stay away from it, and I don’t judge them for it,” McConkey stated. “I’ve prayed about it: ‘God, are we doing the right thing?’ I believe we are.”

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“I’m trying to be an example to Christian athletes,” he added. “I’m willing to stick my neck out there. I’m not trying to be mean-spirited about it, but I have to act on my Christian beliefs.”

Two weeks after the article about 4 WINDS was published in the Wisconsin State Journal, the paper published a response from Michael Schuler—leader of a Unitarian group in Madison. Schuler claimed that McConkey’s position on homosexuality does not represent the beliefs of “mainline” Christians.

“McConkey does not by any means speak for ‘Christians’ as a group,” the Unitarian leader claimed. “He is, in fact, an outlier whose views Christians in the mainline community would never support.”

“I would suggest that you may be remiss in not adding some sort of qualification so that readers know that McConkey is not a credible spokesman for Christianity,” Schuler added.


However, in a follow-up press release, McConkey argued that Unitarianism is not even considered mainline Christianity, as Unitarians believe that Jesus was not divine and that all people will attain salvation. McConkey also pointed out the relatively small following of the Unitarian cult: Only 211,000 Americans describe themselves as Unitarian, while 83 million Americans are Evangelical.

“Schuler considers me to be a non-legitimate voice for Christians because we are a small ministry and not involved with liberal churches,” McConkey stated. “In order to stifle Christians, liberals are trying to demean and belittle Christian voices by calling us bigots.”

McConkey asks for prayer as 4 WINDS navigates this controversial issue.

“Pray many would be reached,” he said. “We have God’s peace despite the personal attacks the last few weeks.”

Photos: Wisconsin State Journal, First Unitarian Society

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  • C.P. Steinmetz

    Mr. McConkey says that Christians who believe as he does “will go against the law of the land” and be discriminated against.

    He is correct. People who go against the law of the land are called criminals, and are discriminated against.

  • Xander Frost

    “Reverse discrimination?” Is that kind of like being accepting and decent to people that are different or whom you don’t necessarily agree with? If I recall my time in captivity in Sunday School, Jesus practiced reverse discrimination quite frequently…

    • C.P. Steinmetz

      If you really feel that some conservative Christians have been “accepting and decent to people that are different or whom you don’t necessarily agree with,” then you must have a totally different definition than I have – at least when it comes to homosexuals and non-believers, those of other faiths (in some cases those of their own faith, but a different sub-faith).

      Very nice turn of phrase: “my time in captivity in Sunday School.”

  • C.P. Steinmetz

    It has been said that insult is the last refuge of the incompetent. Surely, your response was just knee-jerk, not an indication of incompetence.

    First, did I mention anything about right and wrong?

    Second, if you would check your Biology texts, you would note that there are no human races. Humans are all homo sapiens sapiens. And, if you check your history, you will see that hatred of the Jews and extermination was not something invented in Europe by the Nazis.

    Having said that, I happen to agree that is and should be illegal to discriminate against a segment of people based upon religious teachings. Because, the question is, whose religious teachings should be used.

    Perhaps you would like to give your reply a little more thought.