Ray Comfort’s ‘NOAH’ Film Receives Over One Million Views, Exceeds Expectations

NOAH FilmOne month after its public release on March 25, Ray Comfort’s NOAH film has received well over one million views on YouTube and continues to generate much discussion about end times prophecies.

As previously reported, Christian evangelist Ray Comfort announced plans earlier this year to release a movie, entitled NOAH—And the Last Days. The 30-minute film was partly designed to be an alternative to the Hollywood Noah epic, which was heavily criticized for straying from the biblical Great Flood account.

“The [Hollywood] movie doesn’t take ‘artistic license.’ The artists did a whole new paint job,” Comfort told Christian News Network in March. “No wonder it was listed as ‘fiction.’”

Noah—And the Last Days was released on March 25—three days before the Hollywood epic debuted. Since its release, Comfort’s film has received significant attention and generated over 1.1 million views on YouTube. In fact, the film’s view count eclipsed the one million mark just 23 days after its release.

Comfort told Christian News Network that he had expected the film to do well “for a number of reasons.”

“Russell’s Crowe’s Noah was bound to make big waves and we were sure that we could ride in its wake, but we also knew that its own content would carry it,” Comfort stated. “All of us are interested in prophecy. We want to be a part of the future and in biblical prophecy God has given us the beginning to the end.”

Nevertheless, Comfort said the level of interest in the film has exceeded expectations.

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“We didn’t think that it would hit over a million views in 23 days,” he said. “It came very close to being as successful in that respect as 180 and quickly overtook Evolution vs. God, which we thought did phenomenally well.”

At first, Comfort feared that some Christians might disagree with the biblical prophetical content in NOAH. However, by and large, that has not been the case.

“Response has been very positive,” he noted. “Thankfully, it hardly caused a ripple among the prophecy buffs.”

Since NOAH’s release last month, many have praised the film’s content and message.

“Brilliant stuff,” one viewer wrote. “This movie can change the world.”

“Just now watched it, absolutely fantastic,” another commented. “Loved every minute of it! If I wasn’t already in the family of God this would have got me there!”

Overall, Comfort hopes that the film’s gospel-based main message will continue to powerfully transform people’s lives.

“We didn’t produce NOAH to convince anyone that the Flood happened or that Noah existed,” he explained. “We produced it so that unsaved people would come under the sound of the gospel and find everlasting life, and the Internet is an amazing way to have that happen.”

“Years ago we made clips and put them online, not having a clue that in time they would be viewed by hundreds of thousands of the people,” he added. “We are amazed and overjoyed that our YouTube channel has had over 25 million views. So we have launched NOAH knowing that the winds of time will have it sailing for years taking the gospel to millions, and that is wonderful beyond words.”

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  • Jenny

    Non fiction and fantasy? What planet are you living on? There is evidence all around. Where do you think all the water came from, a meteor from mars? Or the Grand Canyon rock formation? You only need a lot of water in a quick amount of time to fossilize all the evidence. Apparently denying the flood will not make the facts or the coming judgement go away, it will only make you feel better temporarily.