Texas Police Looking for Answers Following Slaying of Christian Music Teacher

BlairAUSTIN, Texas — Police in Texas are searching for answers after a Christian music teacher was found slain in her Austin home.

Kathy Blair, 53, who ran the Christian Choral Society of Austin, was found dead by family members on Saturday, and was believed to have been killed by blunt trauma caused by an undisclosed weapon.

Blair taught hundreds of homeschool students in the Austin area ages 4 through 18, handling summer plays, singing trips and missions work. Her passion was to teach music, and to do it from a Christian perspective.

“[We] absolutely adored her and respected her also as a teacher, as a friend, and as a godly woman,” Richard Waller, the director of the Christian Youth Band of Austin, told local television station KXAN. “She could share the wonderful things that music can do for us as human beings and as Christians and also a way to celebrate and glorify our Lord.”

The parents of the children who had been taught by Blair are in shock over her murder, and are grappling with how to break the news to their kids. She had served as the Choral Society’s director since 1997, and taught on average between 250 to 300 children.

Police are considering Blair’s death a homicide, and believe that the incident was isolated, but currently have no suspect. She had just moved into a newly-rented home four to five months ago, and would at times have students over to help build sets for musical productions that were in the works. Those with knowledge surrounding the incident are asked to call the Austin police.

The incident occurs just days after a Florida pastor was pronounced dead after suffering multiple gunshot wounds at the hand of the husband of the church’s nursery director.

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Andy Avalos, 33, is charged with beating, hanging and shooting his wife Amber, also 33, just prior to driving to Bayshore Baptist Church where he engaged in a conversation with the wife of Pastor Jason Battle, and then shot the pastor upon his arrival. Avalos additionally is accused of murdering is neighbor, Denise Potter, 46, who was with his wife at the time she was killed.

“I know a lot of people were saying this is a crime of passion, and we won’t get into details, but he was messed up lately,” Deanna Freniere, Amber Avalos’ sister, told the Bradenton Herald. “They were high school sweethearts; they’ve been together since they were 16 years old; they had six kids together. Something like drugs can wreck a family this bad.”

“We live in a very troubled world,” added former pastor Ron Hazlette to NBC News.

Avalos is being held in the Manatee County Jail without bond and is facing three counts of murder. He faces on arraignment on Jan. 9.

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  • James Grimes

    There are some mean-spirited people in this country who do not value the lives of their fellow citizens. I would be interested to find out the actual circumstances of this horrible crime.