Breaking: Group of Hostages Taken in Sydney Cafe, Forced to Hold Islamic Flag

lindthostages(Bloomberg) – A group of people has been taken hostage in a cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place and forced to hold a black flag with Arabic writing against the window, Australian television networks reported.

About half a dozen armed officers wearing helmets and body armor were stationed on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Martin Place, about 20 meters from the Lindt cafe entrance. Pedestrians were blocked from the CBD square, which houses offices for Macquarie Group, the central bank and Westpac Banking Corp.

Channel Seven showed images of people inside the cafe with their arms up pressed against the window and holding a black flag with white lettering. New South Wales police confirmed an operation was underway in Martin Place, and declined to provide further details. Sky News said the Sydney Opera House was evacuated after a suspicious package was found.

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  • Spoob

    Here we see the dangers of any religion labeling itself “fundamentalist”.

    • Neiman

      Yes, they are all so dangerous, they should all be sent to prison or worse, don’t you think?

      These are the 5 Fundamentals of Christian Fundamentalism

      > The inerrancy of the Bible
      > The literal nature of the Biblical accounts, especially regarding Christ’s miracles and the Creation account in Genesis
      > The Virgin Birth of Christ
      > The bodily resurrection and physical return of Christ
      > The substitutionary atonement of Christ on the cross

      Pretty bad, huh?

      • Spoob

        And let’s not forget those who’d like to shoot homosexuals dead. Or don’t you read the news?

        Would you like to find me a Lutheran pastor who would say something like that? Or a Catholic priest? Or a Jewish rabbi?

        • Neiman

          Very sad and most unfortunate. Of course, this is wrong, but it is not what Christ’ teaches us.

      • Terry Roll

        where did you get these five fundamentals? what makes them your key tennets? I think the first three don’t really seem to have to be true for the whole Jesus thing to work.

        • Neiman

          Those are the 5 Fundamentals of so-called Fundamentalist Christianity, whether you like or reject them has nothing to do with the matter.

    • William Farmer

      Nope. Here we see the sinfulness of sin.

  • bowie1

    Does the attacker think he is going to get away with this? The lone individual who attacked the Canadian Parliament was shot and killed when he tried to make his terrorist attack so perhaps this might happen to this Australian terrorist.