Report: Islamic Group Seeking to Drive Out Christians from Northern Kenya

KenyaKenya (MNN) Would you take a moment to pray for Kenya’s believers? Amie Cotton with Christian Aid Mission says al-Shabaab sympathizers are trying to drive Christians out of northern Kenya.

Earlier this month, “36 quarry workers, who were known as Christians, were paraded out and killed. And one of our ministry leader’s friends— it was one of their sons. They had to bury their son,” Cotton shares.

Churches in the region are closing down, and many Christians are relocating to Army barracks; some are vowing never to return.

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  • Richard French

    If the world hates you, you know that it hated me before it hated you. John 15:18

  • John Mark IB

    signs of the times? or of the end of the times? of the gentiles, leading towards the end times one world religion? ecumenical etc., and of course it’s just what they do that false “religion of peace” really? just muslims doing what they plain do best, killing, murdering, mutilating, extorting, raping, cutting, intimidating, chopping, burning anyone who dare have an independent view and or different religion?? for hope the muslim and all see here and GOD bless you all with love joy and peace in Jesus name amen!