Christian Detained in India After Hindus File Complaint Over ‘Spreading Christianity’

India MapMumbai (AsiaNews) Arvind D’Souza was stopped by the police “for reasons of public order,” even though he had committed no crime. The incident occurred on Jan. 2 in the district of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh.

D’Souza, who is still in prison under preventive detention, the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) told AsiaNews, ran afoul of a group of Hindu radicals in the village of Maulvikhurd.

The latter filed a complaint with police against the Christian man for “spreading Christianity” and “forced conversion of women and children through the gift of Bibles.”

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  • John Mark IB

    haha hilarious really?? only in India can you come up with a fictional charge like this oh wait it’s happening all over even in the USSA united socialist states of AmeriKa
    Christians are the easy targets of Hindu hatred and violence towards them unlike the muslims who hate them the hindus back and fight them blow for blow death for death etc., it’s in their history so anyway,
    but, yeah forced conversion from the “FREE GIFT of BIBLES??” rolling over laughing haha wow watch out now!! whoa nelly they might just want to open the book and think for themselves and whoa nelly again become a oh no dare I say it a Christian?? how terrible, but folks kicking the dead horse is still utter insanity, and only in India?? no of course not time is near getting short, but of course they don’t get along with the muslims very well either, but boy start being a Christian doer of the spreading of the Word and watch out!! whoa nelly!! haha, Hindus hate Christians who want to see them saved because satan wants them in hell where they’ll ultimately end up dear hindus please consider there is but one absolute truth and one absolute Lawmaker and giver of Life please consider the following for your eternal salvation and GOD bless you as you seek Truth!!