New Documentary Decries Obamacare, Says Healthcare Solution Is ‘in the Hands of Christians’

FreeWACO, Texas — A controversial new documentary that takes “a hard and honest look at the way we do healthcare in America” and aims to present a biblically-based approach to healthcare has been released online for public viewing.

Colin Gunn from Gunn Brothers Productions, maker of the “IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America” and other critically-acclaimed documentaries, has now released a work entitled “Wait Til It’s Free.”

Sponsored by Samaritan Ministries, one of the healthcare sharing ministries that are recognized as an exemption to the Obamacare insurance mandate, the film offers a detailed examination of the health care crisis in America, and provides “alternatives for individuals, churches, and families, and offers moving and enlightening stories about those that have chosen to follow innovative and independent approaches to healthcare.”

“This is a subject that we can’t avoid, it dominates our lives and our economy, but many Americans still don’t understand what’s really going on in healthcare,” Gunn told Christian News Network. “Not only why it is so expensive, or how should we pay for our health care, but also what’s the agenda behind the changes we are seeing in our time.”

In the film, Gunn interviews a diverse host of experts from medical doctors and legislators to pastors and consumers, retracing 100 years of our evolving health care system up to the current state of what he sees as overpriced medical costs, high priced insurance companies, and lessening consumer control.

In addition to decrying what is called the government’s “sticking its Pinnochio nose” into the private healthcare of citizens, the film expresses concerns about taxpayer funding of contraception and abortion.

“Maybe you don’t agree with me on abortion, but you have to see that people like me that oppose it might have a problem with paying for it,” Gunn states in the film, which features clips from law student Sandra Fluke, an Obamacare supporter who pushed the government for contraceptive coverage, as well as Obama’s 2013 speech before a gathering of Planned Parenthood supporters.

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“[W]hen both sides are talking about healthcare, we’re not talking about the same thing,” he says. “For them, healthcare is about lifestyle choices that we’re all supposed to be happy to subsidize.”

Some have stated that the documentary is a good contrast to the healthcare film “Sicko” released in 2007 by Michael Moore, which called for more government intervention exalting the system of socialized medicine. While Gunn, a Christian, disagrees with Moore’s viewpoints, he does agree that America is in a health care crisis and needs massive reform immediately.

However, he said that the answer lies even deeper than a simple repeal.

“[E]ven if Obamacare was repealed, the mistake on the right would be to assume that Obamacare was the only problem we had,” Gunn stated. “The reality is that we had so many entitlements before Obamacare, that Obamacare is simply an expansion of those entitlements.”

He opined that rather the “solution to the problem is really in the hands of Christians.”

“Similar to education, the key is personal responsibility and separation from government. Christians need to get serious about their own health, how they will take care of themselves and their own elderly relatives,” he said. “I would recommend reconsidering our over-reliance on third party pay (insurance model) and government welfare. Using a cost-sharing ministry to pay for most needs and taking charity seriously within the church would be a great step towards a more Christian pattern of healthcare.”

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  • uzza

    It doesn’t matter if a “cost-sharing ministry” is done by the church or the government, either way it’s socialized medicine, and other countries, like Israel, do it that way. There could be no more better example of ‘the government’s “sticking its Pinnochio nose” into the private healthcare of citizens, ‘ than passing laws that tell doctors how to perform medical procedures. The last thing we need in healthcare is input from people who think “Suffering is redemptive”. Leave healthcare to the physicians.