DVD Series Documents Homeschooling Family’s Creation Evangelism in Remote Jungle

Wild BrothersThe Christian apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis has released a new video series based on the real-life experiences of a homeschooling missionary family sharing the gospel and biblical creation with an isolated people group in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

In 2003, Mike and Libby Wild moved to a large Indonesian island to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with remote people groups in the jungles of Southeast Asia. After learning the language of the natives, the Wilds began teaching a literacy class and translating the Bible into the tribal language.

Today, the Wilds and their four homeschooled sons minister full-time deep in the island’s jungles, helping the tribal people understand the message of the Bible. In a blog post, Libby explains that homeschooling allows their children to develop an appreciation for the Word of God, which they can in turn share with the native people.

“I am a huge proponent of homeschooling our children from a biblical authority curriculum from an early age,” she wrote. “As missionaries to tribal people, we have been teaching them systematically and chronologically through the Bible since 2010, and we see that it is an excellent way to make sure our tribal friends, as well as our children, are firmly grounded on God’s Word and see the Bible as absolute authority in their lives.”

After learning of the Wild family’s creation-based biblical worldview and their missionary work to tribal people, the apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis (AiG) agreed to publish a video series documenting their work. The first episode of the “Wild Brothers: Adventures in Creation” DVD series was released this month.

Dale Mason, co-executive producer of “Wild Brothers: Adventures in Creation,” told Christian News Network that the new DVD series “is the brainchild of the Wild family themselves. The series is actually shot and edited almost totally by the Wild family, using mainly solar energy right there on the mission field!”

“They are putting into practice the ‘creation evangelism’ technique that has become so effective today, where so few know anything about the origin of sin, and why Jesus had to die,” Mason said. “Plus, they show God’s amazing creation handiwork in every episode. It was a natural fit for us to come alongside and publish the DVD series!”

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“Mike and Libby Wild and their boys are big fans of Answers in Genesis and have visited the Creation Museum,” he continued. “And they use the same sort of ‘chronological’ Bible teaching approach of evangelism in the jungle, that Ken Ham and our ministry so strongly promotes for America. That’s simply where you start with explaining where sin came from, then show the need for Jesus. Tell people that the whole basis of the gospel and our need for salvation through Jesus starts in Genesis with the fall of man and the entrance of sin into the world.”

Mason said the Wild family’s homeschooling equips the sons to share the message of biblical creation with the people in the jungle.

“The Wilds are students of creation, and they really understand the importance of a creation-based Christian worldview,” he stated. “They use our Answers Bible Curriculum (Sunday school program) as their homeschool Bible curricula with their four sons, and they show them various AiG creation videos and they visit the AiG web site and talk about the subjects. They talk about God’s creation as they go through their days in the jungle.”

Mason also told Christian News Network that he expects the Wild Brothers series to fascinate viewers in the U.S.

“We know that kids love the series because it’s basically about other kids living in the reality of a totally different world,” he explained. “American kids are captivated by these four cool, smart, fun-loving boys who have super great times together. And they see that the Wild brothers really do love and respect each other, and their mom and dad. It comes through.”

The members of the Wild family are excellent role models for Christians of all ages, Mason said.

“What great role models these four boys are, and what great examples their parents are for moms and dads here in the U.S.,” he said. “God is already using the family in a big way, both through the DVDs, and through the special website, thewildbrothers.com.”

Photo: answersingenesis.org

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  • beaucejim

    Wow… just wow… to bring such ignorance and lies to an undeveloped people is no reason to be proud!

    • Paul Hiett

      Imagine their surprise when they found out all of their people who have died before them are now roasting in eternal suffering.

      • weasel1886

        Great God, sends innocent people to be tortured for all time

        • No one is innocent. It is clear we are a race that rebels and lives in sin.

          • weasel1886

            So an innocent baby that dies is forever burning in hell ?

          • bowie1

            The kingdom of God belongs to such as these (little children).

          • weasel1886

            Read what I was responding to before slamming and judging what I know.

          • bowie1

            Do you KNOW that baby’s are forever burning in Hell? Or were you asking that as a rhetorical question?

          • weasel1886

            rich above said no one is innocent, but he hasn’t responded to my question.

          • BobbyHead

            Babies don’t go to hell. Only people of your age.

          • weasel1886


        • So do you think Hitler should be rewarded for what he did? No torture? He got away scot free?

          And what are you certain of that happens to humans when we die? Have no hope for eternal life? Do you even know God, or just pretend to?

          • weasel1886

            If Hitler asked to be saved he is in heaven now

          • BobbyHead

            If Hitler who was down in his bunker with Eva in his last days was visited by a Christian or a pastor and told him about the good news and that through repentance through Jesus only is the only way for eternal life and Hitler truly said yes I am a sinner and have not followed God, Jesus please save me a sinner. If this was a true confession by Hitler he would be saved. But sinse Hitler did not want any Bible thumpers around him, that most likely did not happen.

          • weasel1886

            Where does it say you have to have a preacher to be saved ?

    • bowie1

      Are you sure you haven’t been hornswoggled by Bill Nye? Besides, if they don’t like what they hear I’m sure they will let them know.

  • Nhdriver

    Like many “missionaries” of days gone by, I can only hope these idiots get voted off the island before they do any real damage to the indigenous population. I do know that in some remote places of that archipelago they could end up in the stew pot. (kick the feet around so the veggies wont stick)