Youngsters’ Trip to Dinosaur Museum Dashed by Atheists

    DinosaurMuseum(OneNewsNow) — Disappointed third-graders were told last week that their field trip to a creation teaching dinosaur fossil museum in Montana had been scrapped — after their school district caved in to threats made by an atheist group.

    The Glendive School District has bowed down to threats by the group Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AUSCS), which argues that allowing students to take the secular tour at the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum violates the alleged separation of church and state clause of the U.S. Constitution.

    The museum, the second-largest dinosaur museum in Montana, is the only one that teaches the biblical account of creation. Operated by the Foundation Advancing Creation Truth (FACT), the museum offers public schools a “secular” tour that doesn’t promote a biblical account and religious views. This differs from the private sector tours that include teachings on a young Earth, the coexistence of dinosaurs and humans, biblical history and Noah’s Ark — all represented through various displays.

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