House Republicans Urge Court to Throw Out Net Neutrality Rules


(ARS Technica) Republican members of Congress urged a federal appeals court to vacate the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules, saying any such rules should be written by lawmakers instead of the commission.

“Congress certainly did not leave (and would never have left) this issue of great national importance to be decided by the FCC, as it ‘would bring about an enormous and transformative expansion in [the agency’s] regulatory authority without clear congressional authorization,'” 23 Republican representatives led by Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee wrote in a friend of the court brief. (The filing is dated November 4, but it was submitted after a deadline and finally accepted into the record yesterday.)

Congressional Democrats supported the FCC’s rules, but Republicans told the court that the opposing party’s brief “does not represent the views of Congress and in fact is opposed by Members of the majority party in the House.”

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  • BarkingDawg

    Net Neutrality protects everyone, even Christians.

  • BobButtons

    The reason they don’t like it is because Net Neutrality benefits the public and big corporations hate it. They hate the idea of having to treat all internet data the same, not being able to charge more for certain types of data streams than others, and not being able to limit the public’s access to third party options for services the ISPs provide themselves and want to exempt from their restrictions.

  • Ira Pistos

    If this protection is lost, it will shortly be followed by the loss of Christian resources on the internet.