Babies Born Within Wedlock on Course to Become Minority in UK

Marriage(The Telegraph) Babies born within marriage could become a minority in England and Wales within five years as younger couples turn their back on matrimony, new figures suggest.

According to the Office for National statistics just over half — 52.5 per cent — of women who gave birth in England and Wales last year were married.

That compares to 57.8 per cent a decade earlier and more than 61 per cent at the beginning of the new century.

Although the decline appears to have stalled in the last two years, if it continues at the average rate seen over the last decade, only a minority of babies would be born in wedlock by 2020.

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  • Angel Jabbins

    This is very sad news. This means more children will grow up with only one parent or have a series of live-in step-parents that keeps changing as they mature to adulthood. Children need stability that a only a committed two parent relationship can offer. Yes, single parents have raised children who are stable and well adjusted, but it is much, much harder and never the ideal for children. Marriage means COMMITMENT and there seems to be little of that in our self centered, me-first,culture today. Children need commitment…not just parent to child…but parent to parent is so important. This is a sad trend and not good news for children.