Black Friday Sees Brawls at Malls Day After Americans Give Thanks

Brawl-compressedThe day after Americans observed a holiday meant to give thanks to God for their blessings, video footage surfaced of Black Friday shoppers across the country brawling over everything from sneakers to flat screen TVs to even vegetable steamers.

Just as last year, a number of retailers decided to get an early start on the big shopping day, opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day, and so the fights began as soon as as Thursday night.

One of the most viral videos is of two men punching each other at Mall St. Matthews in Louisville, Kentucky until police break up the altercation. At the end of the video, a man calls out “World Star,” most likely in reference to the hip-hop culture site that compiles fight videos.

Shoppers were likewise captured on video fighting at the Florence Mall, also in Kentucky, reportedly hitting each other after someone took the last pair of Air Jordan sneakers.

At a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, shoppers thronged around a display of flat-screen televisions, and in the meyhem, two women began fighting over a box, which was soon ripped out of one of the women’s hands by a shopper who seized on the opportunity. The woman then began smacking the man and yelling at the other woman until a security officer stepped in between them and ordered them to stop.

Another video recorded at the same location shows Ruben Garcia, 23, pushing an officer before he is placed on the floor and put in handcuffs.

“Everybody just goes and starts grabbing, pushing, and shoving just trying to get a TV,” shopper Lucy Agosto told KFox14. “The cop had the guy like this (putting her hands around her neck). He told him to drop the TV and the guy kept saying, ‘I had it first! I had it first!'”

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In Springfield, Virginia, a woman was arrested outside of Best Buy on Thanksgiving Day when she physically assaulted another shopper with a chair when he wouldn’t allow her to cut the line.

“She was angry, and I was telling her, ‘No, you’re not getting in the front of the line. I’ve been here since 12 [p.m.],’” shopper Ahmad Shukrey told Fox5 News. “And she proceeds to attack me with the chair, pushing into my friend, knocking me over and twisting my ankle.”’

“And she started resisting arrest, and while she was resisting arrest, she actually hit an officer,” added shopper Steven Boone.

And while some question whether the incident was genuine or staged, a video has also surfaced of a Michigan woman yanking a vegetable steamer from the arms of a child and then attempting to pull another box out of his mother’s arms.

“I’m posting anonymous because I don’t want 2b (sic) fired, but I work at this store in Saginaw and this lady stole a veggie steamer from a kid on Black Friday! Shame,” the description under the YouTube video reads.

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  • Nidalap

    Yep. As society continues its downward spiral, more symptoms of it logically appear…

  • BB

    So sad to see people acting like animals.

  • Josey

    What a shame and shows the extent of people’s greed to save a few dollars, retailers, customers who promote this embarrassing and shameful behaviour are all guilty of greed and covetousness.

    • Angel Jabbins

      Excellent comment, Josey. Notice there are no trolls commenting on this article. This is what happens when a society abandons biblical principles….when prayer and the 10 commandments are banned from public life. We have a whole generation growing up now who don’t believe in moral absolutes…..and have no God to be accountable to. Behavior like this is the direct result of that mentality. Trolls, where are you? Watch that video again. This is a glimpse into your future world…lawlessness and anarchy. This is where your atheistic Godless worldview leads.

  • bowie1

    Materialism gone crazy!

  • Sometimes there seems to be no other way to say it, but through scripture.

    Psalm 12:8 The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.
    Matthew 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

  • “American Exceptionalism” at its FINEST.

    • afchief

      0bama people!

      • Michael Eade

        Oh look, someone blaming Obama funny really because here was me thinking Black Friday started in the 1960s

        • afchief

          “At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”

          ― P.J. O’Rourke

  • Truthhurts24

    This is the most embarrassing day of the year. Just goes to show how many people in society will fight tooth and nail for earthly riches instead of heavenly riches with Christ.

    • Angel Jabbins

      Yep, they live for things that will burn up but shun eternal things that give true and lasting joy. What a shame for them.

  • afchief

    I live in the panhandle of Florida and we never see anything like this. My two teenagers look forward to this night every year because I let them stay up all night and drink coffee/monsters while we are out. We went to Walmart first to get my granddaughter some toys. Everyone was very cordial and orderly. No pushing or cussing. It was like that everywhere we went. The longest wait was at Bass Pro for ammo and jeans (what we were there for) but we had great conversations with the people around us for two hours. That is what I enjoy the most on Black Fridays is the conversations I have with other people waiting in line. This year I saw the same people from last year and had some great laughs. We got back to the house around 7:00 am and had a great time. We will do it again next year Lord willing.

    My kids and I saw those videos on the Drudge Report and all us said we would not go out on Black Friday if people around here acting like that.

    • Angel Jabbins

      It would be a great place to hand out gospel tracts. Something to read while they wait. A good seed sowing time. I think this would be permissible as long as you are on the outside of the store or mall. Just an idea.

  • Rebecca

    Americans, stop embarrassing yourselves!!!

  • BarkingDawg

    Remember: The Puritans didn’t even want anyone celebrating Christmas in the first place.

  • Becky


    Many Americans are up to their eyeballs in debt, specifically credit card debt. Can’t help but wonder how many of these supposed money-saving shoppers understand, or even care, that it’s not a “savings”, or a “great deal” when they use their credit cards and then proceed to leave their charges to accumulate interest. If that’s the case, their trek to get the deal of the year at Hell-mart on “Black Friday” is futile, really.