Wheaton Professor Who Declared Christians, Muslims Worship Same God to Leave College

Hawkins-compressed (1)WHEATON, Ill. — The Wheaton associate political science director who was placed on leave after she declared in a self-initiated campaign to fight “Islamophobia” that Christians and Muslims worship the same God has now agreed to part ways with the college.

As previously reported, Larycia Hawkins posted to Facebook two photos of herself wearing a hijab last month, and stated in a lengthy explanation that she planned to wear it everywhere she goes during the Advent—including at the Christian college and to church.

“I stand in human solidarity with my Muslim neighbor because we are formed of the same primordial clay, descendants of the same cradle of humankind—a cave in Sterkfontein, South Africa that I had the privilege to descend into to plumb the depths of our common humanity in 2014,” Hawkins wrote.

She said that not only does she have a common ancestry with Muslims, but that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

“I stand in religious solidarity with Muslims because they, like me, a Christian, are people of the book,” Hawkins asserted. “And as Pope Francis stated last week, we worship the same God.”

In light of controversy over the matter, the professor was placed on paid administrative leave by university officials while a review would be conducted.

“Wheaton College faculty and staff make a commitment to accept and model our institution’s faith foundations with integrity, compassion, and theological clarity,” the college said in a statement. “As they participate in various causes, it is essential that faculty and staff engage in and speak about public issues in ways that faithfully represent the college’s evangelical Statement of Faith.”

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But talks soon reached a stalemate, and officials soon issued Hawkins a “Notice of Recommendation to Initiate Termination-for-Cause Proceedings.”

On Saturday, just days before a meeting was to be held over the proceedings, Wheaton announced that the two parties had agreed to part ways.

“The administration and Dr. Hawkins have come to a place of resolution and reconciliation,” said President Philip Ryken said in an email to the campus. “With a mutual desire for God’s blessing, we have decided to part ways.”

The college also announced that it has revoked its charges against the professor. Provost Stan Jones that he personally apologized to Hawkins.

“I asked Dr. Hawkins for her forgiveness for the ways I contributed to the fracture of our relationship, and to the fracture of Dr. Hawkins’ relationship with the college,” he explained in a separate email. “I apologized for my lack of wisdom and collegiality as I initially approached Dr. Hawkins, and for imposing an administrative leave more precipitously than was necessary.”

Jones, however, also added, “I stand by my concerns that Dr. Hawkins’s theological statements raised important questions.”

Hawkins is expected to say her goodbyes at a worship service on Tuesday at Edman Memorial Chapel.

“Both parties share a commitment to care for the oppressed and the marginalized, including those who are marginalized because of their religious beliefs, and to respectful dialogue with people of other faiths or no faith,” the college also said in a joint statement on Saturday. “While parting ways, both Wheaton College and Dr. Hawkins wish the best for each other in their ongoing work.”

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  • gizmo23

    Sounds like a graceful ending for all parties involved with this

    • disqus_PIb6naSHLa

      Not so graceful, the evangelicals come out looking pretty spiteful and not serving in one little bit as a witness to their religion.

      • Semp

        Evangelicals don’t care what homosexuals think.

      • Amos Moses

        It is not a “witness to their religion” to worship a false god nor to mislead another to worship a false god.

  • RWH

    This is probably the best that Wheaton could do. Had they proceeded, they would have split their constituency, and a significant percentage of professors and students would have departed from the institution. Things like this damage a school’s reputation, and it takes years for confidence to be restored. It destroys the credibility of a school, especially one like Wheaton which considers itself the Harvard of Evangelical schools. Anyone who applies to a so-called Christian college should realize that academic freedom means that one can talk about anything as long as it doesn’t interfere with the prejudices of the administration. It’s like living under any totalitarian regime. Ruffle feathers, and people disappear during the dark of night. Anyone who has watched Dead Poets Society should recognize the protocol. Keaton, the English teacher, was summarily fired without the right to answer his detractors, and if you watch the way that the parents and administrators behaved, every last one of the kids that stood on their desks to wish him well will be expelled from the school as well in spite of all of the uplifting music. Institutions like this can’t stand any opposition, stated or otherwise, to their mandates. Wheaton has accomplished one thing though; all the people who sided with her will now be “watched.” And those students who who will look for a real Christian education where they will be trained to analytically think for themselves will search out other schools who hold education to a higher standard than indoctrination to the particular worldview of the establishment in power.

    • Sven2S47


      • disqus_PIb6naSHLa

        Gosh, you sure are easily bored aren’t you?

    • disqus_PIb6naSHLa

      I agree with you to a point. The students at this college and their parents are looking for a school that offers them a ‘college education’ but will not challenge them to think outside a narrow set of ideas that characterizes such institutions. They will be delighted at any outcome that shuts down thoughtfulness or questioning of authority. Because to them, asking the wrong questions is a deeply threatening proposition.

  • Brad

    Good. Her ignorance of the differences between the false god of Islam and the God of the Bible make her and her beliefs inconsistent with Wheaton’s beliefs.

    • disqus_PIb6naSHLa

      So a Muslim lowers their head and asks God for help in understanding and following His will. But God, because the Muslim speaks in Arabic and says Allah instead of ‘God’ in English, puts his mighty, celestial fingers in His ears and says; ” I cannot hear you, neeners neeners neeners, wrong God, wrong God, can’t hear you.” Such is the fantasy you folks engage in.

      • Mark Barker

        You’re taking Brad’s post completely out of context.
        Allah is not God. Allah is Satan. God would never promise sex as a reward. God would also never make a man like Muhammad a prophet.

      • Brad

        It’s not about how the name is pronounced, it’s about who is being addressed as God. The god of Islam is at best a satanic distraction from the only True and Living God, the God of the Bible.

      • Guest

        “Ilah” is how we say “God” in Arabic, not “allah”.

      • Amos Moses

        “” I cannot hear you, neeners neeners neeners, wrong God, wrong God, can’t hear you.” Such is the fantasy you folks engage in.”

        So when someone keeps calling you “George” but your name is “Mary”, do you answer? No, you don’t and neither does God. Allah is not God, not His name. Not even close.

        Muslims and christians do not worship the same god. Muslims do not accept Christ Jesus as Gods son. They say God has no earthly son. The god they worship and the Quron says this. So absolutely NO, not the same god.

        If i say i am an atheist but i believe in god, do you believe me? It is saying something similar when a person says that we all worship the same god.

        We Do NOT!

  • Max

    She’s just a publicity glutton, and she is loving all this. It fits the left-wing narrative: black woman vs the evil white Christian patriarchy. She’ll end up at some university in the Women’s Studies Department. She’ll be reciting The Passion of Larycia till the day she retires.

    • disqus_PIb6naSHLa

      Is she loving all this? Do you know that little bit of slander is true, or do you just assume it? Sounds like bearing false witness to me.

  • archaeologist

    why would she be listening to and quoting the pope? he is a false teacher. she really has problems