Central Asian Pastor Refuses to Leave Despite Death Threats

Photo Credit: Jon NG
Photo Credit: Jon NG

(Open Doors USA) Pastor Amin* is one of the most gentle people you will ever meet. He diligently serves the Lord in his Central Asian country by planting a church, organizing missionary schools and summer camps for Muslim children and founding a rehab center for drug addicts and alcoholics. Now, he receives the same kind of death threats as those which led up to the murder of a fellow pastor some time ago.

Amin used to be a youth leader in the church. He organized youth evangelistic trips to towns and villages where they preached the gospel to Muslims and distributed Bibles and Christian literature among them. He also worked as a deacon in church for many years where he helped another pastor named Rashid. Several years ago, he said to Amin, “I feel that death for the gospel follows me. But I won’t hide. I will be exactly where God wants to see me.”

One day, Rashid left the ‘prayer house’ and got into his car. Suddenly, a man in camouflage wearing a black mask approached the vehicle, pulled out a gun and shot him through the window. The bullet hit Rashid’s head and he died on the spot. The murderer was never found.

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