Refugees Encounter Christ in Greece

Photo Credit: Christian Aid Mission/Facebook

Greece (Mission Network News) Christian Aid Mission reports that while the European Union reached an agreement with Turkey this week to stem the tide of Syrian and other refugees to Greece and other EU countries, refugees continued to pour onto the Greek islands–or die trying.

At least 25 refugees perished when their Greece-bound dinghy sank in rough seas off the coast of Turkey on Sunday (March 6), while indigenous ministry workers in Athens reported thousands of refugees spilling into the Port of Piraeus and five other “hot spots.” Refugees set up makeshift colonies in the coastal town of Thessaloniki and inland in Eidomeni, on the border with Macedonia, where aid organizations feared a humanitarian disaster loomed.

“After finishing our church service, we got two volunteers to visit and explore what happens at the Piraeus port,” the co-director of the ministry said. “All the blanket supplies we had with us disappeared in one minute. The volunteers looked at my husband and me and said, ‘We need thousands.’”

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A special message from the publisher...

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  • The Last Trump

    Yes, Christians meeting the needs of Muslims. Once again.
    And introducing a lost and suffering people to the loving kindness that is Jesus Christ.
    Actions certainly do speak louder than words.
    Just another of so many other great examples of the love the One true God has for mankind displayed through His followers.
    Attractive isn’t it? I’m ready to convert all over again! 🙂

    • Becky