Gospel Enters the Unknown Russia

Photo Credit: Slavic Gospel Association/Facebook

Russia (Mission Network News) In an article by ABC News, Russia is being proclaimed as one of the biggest threats to the United State’s cyber security. So it’s hard to believe that in a country like Russia, with the power to hack others’ private information, there are still people who have never heard the Word of God.

Working through Slavic Gospel Association, God is revealing Himself to those who’ve never heard His name. Eric Mock with SGA recently traveled to Yakutsk, Russia, as part of a new program taking root.

“Yakutsk is a city that is known as the coldest city on the planet. Temperatures, I have heard: as low as 70 below zero. But very often 40-50 degrees below zero in the winter,” Mock exclaims. In fact, in this area, people are still herding reindeer. The area is very rugged and remote. It’s not hard to see why with those temperatures.”

Missionary work in this area is hard. Not simply because of the cold, but also because the only way to get into the area is by passing over snowy roads and frozen rivers during its harshest season.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    May God save the Russians through the Gospel. Today is the day of salvation.

  • disqus_O2BUmbLecp

    Isn’t there a Russian Orthodox Church in Russia.? Shouldn’t they be the ones reaching out to remote n rural Russians with the Gospel.?