Nigerian Boy Forgives Muslim Attackers Who Tried to Kill Him

Photo: Voice of the Martyrs

Nigeria (Mission Network News) Several months ago, the story of 13-year-old Danjuma Shakura was released by Voice of the Martyrs (VOM).

Danjuma’s Nigerian village was attacked by over 1,000 radical Muslims on January 28, 2015. They burned houses, killed Christians, and tried to kill Danjuma.

They came after him with a machete knife, marring his face, cutting out one of his eyes, and leaving him blind.

Danjuma passed out, and survivors believed he had been another victim among the 23 dead. They started preparing a grave for him with the others, but before his body was placed inside, he woke up screaming. Villagers jumped into action, rushing him to the hospital.

Because of his wounds, it had been almost 100% likely that he would die; but more than a year later, Danjuma is still alive.

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    Thank God for the brave faithful Christians around the world.

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