Church Singers Compared to ISIS, Nazis by U.K. Columnist

Photo Credit: Rodrigo Galindo

(Christian Institute) A U.S. church group currently in the U.K. has been compared to neo-Nazis and Islamist terrorists by a newspaper columnist.

Shona Craven said The King’s Project singers were a “musical Trojan horse” who were part of a church that “ticks every box on the Ugly Religious Fundamentalism checklist”.

Craven pointed to the church’s pro-marriage and pro-life views as reasons why they are “not welcome.”

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    UK and USA’s mainland has never been overcome by the atheists or villain foreign forces and does not know what the Church-less darkness is like on Planet Planet. God’s blessings were returned in ingratitude by the godless liberals in those two nations. So sad. UK and USA must stop attacking the Church for doing what is good and right. Man is nothing and below animals when he does not honor God.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    So sad the unbelieving Britons and unbelieving Americans are increasingly acting like the communists whom their Christian forefathers had defeated. Communists were better since they were not hopelessly sexually depraved like the Post-christian Western culture is. No Christianity = No salvation, no freedom, no morality, and no civility.

  • hytre64

    Yes, they are a Trojan Horse who came into the UK under the pretense of music, but are there to share the Gospel.