Tennessee Man Arrested for Beating Girlfriend Who Refused Abortion

Photo Credit: WREG-TV

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Tennessee man is behind bars after he recently beat his girlfriend for refusing to obtain an abortion.

According to reports, Juan Lee, 24, was sitting in the car with his pregnant girlfriend when he told her that she needed to do away with their baby. The woman responded that the matter was not up to him, and got out of the car.

Lee is accused of then striking and choking his girlfriend, and pulling her back into the vehicle.

He drove off, but pulled over again and continued beating her. The woman, whose name has not been released, states that Lee kicked her in the head while she was on the ground.

She reported the incident to police, who arrested Lee on Monday and charged him with aggravated assault. He is being held on $10,000 bond.

WREG News 3 reports that the woman suffered a gash on her head during the assault. Police have not indicated whether or not any harm was done to the baby during the attack.

“[S]ituations in which women are pressured, threatened, or coerced into having abortions may not be as rare as some think,” Live Action News outlines. “[M]any women have felt forced into abortions, whether by violent boyfriends, friends and/or family, or abortion businesses.”

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“It has become such a problem that some states, including Michigan, have proposed and/or passed laws that would impose harsher penalties on anyone who coerces a woman to abort her child,” it states. “Some studies have found that up to 64 percent of women who aborted their babies felt coerced in some way to do so.”

As previously reported, in 2014, Christian Ferdinand, now 24, was convicted of second degree murder after he allegedly admitted to killing his teenage girlfriend because she told him that she was pregnant and refused his demand to abort.

Last year, now 44-year-old Joshua Woodward, the owner of the restaurant Table 8, was sentenced to nine years behind bars for slipping his girlfriend an abortion drug, resulting in the death of their unborn child.

However, a number of women have also been arrested after seeking ways to end their child’s life. As previously reported, Anna Yocca, now 32, an unmarried mother, reportedly filled her bathtub with water last September and then “took a coat hanger and attempted to self-abort her pregnancy.”

In 2014, now 20-year-old Ana Rosa Mora of Chicago was charged with first-degree murder after she allegedly suffocated her newborn son out of fear that her boyfriend would leave her because the child resembled her ex.

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  • robertzaccour

    A person that believes killing children is ok thinks it’s ok also to beat a woman. Go figure…

    • wandakate

      Perhaps it goes beyond being “OK”. They have no concern, no love, no feelings, no morals, nothing. They are empty inside and care about nobody but themselves.
      What could the killing of an unborn baby be if not “murder”? It might be good for him to spend some time in jail and I hope she never sees him again and frees herself of his bondage.

  • LadyInChrist♥BlessedBeTheLord

    Very sad for the mother and her baby. I hope she and her baby will be okay. Everyone seems to scream that it is the mothers choice. She was choosing life for her baby. Should a man be able to take away her choice of life for her baby?? He could have killed them both through beating her.

  • Rick Derris

    I just want to point out the irony that a site called Christian News deleted a comment I made yesterday that did nothing but quote the Bible.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Men should live to honor God and to protect women and children. Women should honor God and keep purity for future marriage and protect children. Children should honor God and respect authorities and love the truth.