Tragic Toll of Divorce on Kids Highlighted by New Book

sad-child-portrait(Christian Institute) The heartbreaking effects of divorce on children have been highlighted by a new book, which gives them a platform to share their experiences.

“Splitting Up: A Child’s Guide to a Grown Up Problem,” produced by leading family law firm Mishcon de Reya, includes testimonies from children and teenagers whose parents have divorced.

Family breakdown has long been known to negatively affect the social, educational and health outcomes of children.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    All adults must work hard to produce a best possible world for children. Men should not seek one’s own greatness or hobbies on the expense of women and children’s well-being. Men who do not work to protect women and children are not great at all. Women should not seek power or lovers on the expense of the children’s life. Childless people or those who’s children are not one’s own should be sensible adults and still consider the children’s good future as life’s top priority.

    20-30 years are long enough to taste all the good things on Planet Earth. Next generations should be given the best chance by those who lived more than 20 years. Conversion to Christian faith is God’s sovereignty and a personal decision, but everyone must honor God. That brings safety and happiness to children. Secular culture proved that to do otherwise brings a chaos of immorality which is hostile and destructive against children, against the treasure of mankind. Anything other than the Judeo-Christian values either neglects children or victimizes them. Children need Jesus in every way.

  • Becky

    Divorce is tragic, especially when parents should know to do better, but listening to my mum and dad go at it daily was more than I could take, so I was glad when they finally divorced…no more fear. Shortly after, I was old enough to move on…emotional scars and all…start Uni and live in peace. Then, after years of witnessing their rows, they remarried…ha! And, now, expect us to be one big, happy family! Um…yeah…no. I’m actually happy to see them happy and behavin’ like goodly parents, but they have never apologised to my siblings and me for the fear and pain they instilled within us. By God’s grace, I have forgiven them, but it’s hard to forget.