To Be Persian Is to Be Muslim, But the Gospel Is Penetrating

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Iran (Mission Network News) — Forty-five years ago, on October 12-16, 1971, Iran’s Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi threw a lavish party celebrating the 2,500th year of the Persian Empire. The celebration cost an estimated $200 million USD, and featured 50 tents with lush Persian carpets, French linens, and marble bathrooms, according to The New York Times.

Eight years later, Shah Pahlavi was deposed in Iran and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini stepped into power. He established the Islamic republic and declared Islamic law in Iran.

According to Open Doors USA, in Iran, to be ethnically Persian is to be Muslim. A Persian who is not Muslim almost doesn’t make sense — which is why leaving Islam and following Christ is a big deal, even punishable by death.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Pagans massacred the Christian converts everywhere. Today, Christians are still the majority-victims of religious persecutions globally. Being able to convert to Christianity and to live it out requires mankind to provide human rights and freedom and education to everyone on Planet Earth. Thank God for the 21st cuntury that so many people living in the Islamic land are finding Christ and getting saved, although the Church is suffering very much. Something miraclous that never happened for the last 1,400 years in the Islamic land. I think the Muslims dislike today’s West because it is too immoral and destructive to family units, on top of other reasons. Christians in all free nations can show the difference that not everyone is into immorality or indecency.

    • Jolanda Tiellemans

      I think the Muslims dislike today’s West because it is too immoral and destructive to family units,

      Then why are so many Muslims coming this way?

      • Grace Kim Kwon

        White Christian Europeans especially the Christian British made the best nations for everyone on earth to immigrate and live and succeed wherever they are the majority. They were clean proper lawful hard-working people with excellent Christian principles to live by which value every life including women and children and weaker ones and colored minorities and even animals. Every nation learned valuable things from the Christian West and imported good and useful things from them. It is today’s godless descendants who are ruining Europe and the former British colonies by abortion and immorality. Foreigners including the Muslims would have respected the Westerners and children would have respected adults if the West was still Christian moral. Pre-christian is barbaric, but Post-christian is purposefully immoral and suicidal. Christianity is true and moral and civilized. Jesus alone is the Saviour of the world.

        • Jolanda Tiellemans

          And still they come.

          • Grace Kim Kwon

            Yes, the best places on earth. They never go for West’s nudism, though. The West still has some freedom. The West should ban public nudism instead of burkini. Normal people seem to be gone from the powerful positions. Europeans and Americans should get Christian education again, even for intact family units.

  • Guest✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    To be Persian is to be Muslim? News to me! Many in my fellowship are Persian Christians. 🙂