Eight Countries Vow to Counter Trump’s Reinstatement of Ban on U.S. Funding of Overseas Abortions

(Daily Caller) Eight countries have joined a fundraising drive to fill gaps from President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban U.S. aid to groups that provide or promote abortions overseas.

Trump reinstated the “Mexico City policy” Jan. 23 in one of his first moves as president. The policy has been in place under every Republican president since Ronald Reagan, but this time around it caused outcry in several liberal countries around the world.

The Netherlands was the first country to promise more funding for abortions worldwide. Six other countries have since joined an effort to fill a $600 million gap in abortion funding created by the Mexico City policy.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    All the white men’s Western Christendom which needs more descendants to sustain the nationhood each. Why do they do that? Where is the Europe which resisted Hitler? Why has the Western Christendom given up the Christian faith so badly? So sad. Planet Earth can never have excessive human population. The world needs Christian education to hear the life-saving Gospel message and be civilied and be truly happy, not the crimes of infanticide.

  • sammy13

    Let those countries reap what they sow.