UK Judge Rules Boy Must Be Taught in Islamic School Despite Father’s Objections to Mother’s Wishes

Photo Credit: George Hodan

(The Telegraph) — A father who describes himself as “Anglo-Saxon” has lost a legal battle to prevent his Muslim ex-wife from sending their 10-year-old son to an Islamic secondary school.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said he was determined to prevent his son from attending a “school inside a mosque” on the grounds that he would be “marginalized” by his son if he enrolled at the London-based school next year.

Appealing to the High Court to intervene, the father, who is a marketing director and a self-proclaimed atheist, insists his son should attend a secular school.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    What are the Islamic secondary schools teaching about treating of infidels? Humans including all children should not be taught to harm anyone or become immoral(secularism) in any way. Children need Judeo-Christian education to value all human life unconditionally and equally and to reject immorality freely. All other religions and ideologies have defects one way or another.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    UK no longer has a sense of mission as it parted from the Biblical Christianity. Sad. Men are not animals. Men should live for the glory of God and His truth and not for mere co-existence. Education should make children strive after God’s truth revealed in the Holy Bible.

  • RWH

    And there are plenty of cases where one parent sent the kids to a Christian school against the wishes of the other parent. It all depends on who has custody, I suppose. The sword cuts in many directions.

    • antifasciste

      I doubt this particular father would be pleased with a decidedly Christian school either. His preference is a secular school. RTFA.

      • RWH

        Most probably because he doesn’t want to help pay the tuition as well.

        • antifasciste

          He doesn’t want to fund any form of religious indoctrination…Good for him.

  • Robert

    Atheism or Islam both are in slavery to Satan and teach self
    Righteousness. Rather than the alien righteousness of Christ.