ISIS Fighters in Iraq Killed by Wild Boars Before They Can Ambush Locals

Photo Credit: Valentin Panzirsch

(Newsweek) Three militants loyal to the Islamic State group (ISIS) have been killed by wild boars as they planned to ambush Iraqi tribesmen opposed to the group, according to a local anti-ISIS leader.

At least eight ISIS fighters had reportedly taken cover among dense reeds in Iraq’s al-Rashad region, about 55 miles southwest of Kirkuk, in preparation for a surprise attack on local anti-ISIS tribesman when a herd of wild boars attacked the jihadists on Sunday, killing three. The militants likely disturbed the notoriously short-tempered animals, said Sheikh Anwar al-Assi, a chief of the local Ubaid tribe and head of the group of local tribesmen who took up arms after ISIS took control of the nearby town of Hawija.

“It is likely their movement disturbed a herd of wild pigs, which inhabit the area as well as the nearby cornfields. The area is dense with reeds, which are good for hiding in,” Assi told The Times.

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  • Ambulance Chaser

    I think Christian News Network has finally posted a story that we can all agree on!

    • Grace Kim Kwon

      Why are you here if you are not Christian? Why should any Christian agree with you? True Christians are incompatible with any liberals. You must repent your sin to get saved. Read John chapter 3.

      • Ambulance Chaser

        You don’t have to agree with me but it’s a little odd that you want to pine over the deaths of some ISIS militants.

    • calduncan

      Here’s your Bozo button.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Even the animals know the human villains.
    May Jesus come back quickly and rescue His creation. Romans 8.

    • The false jesus of mohammed is supposed to kill the pigs and christians when he returns. The real Jesus has all power in heaven and earth, including power to command pigs.

  • Guest✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    There was also a recent incident where lions attacked Muslims about to stone a Christian man and his friends. The lions only attacked the Muslims. Interesting, too, that this happened in a region that was reported to not have any lions.