Senators Seek Data on Americans Caught Up in Surveillance

WASHINGTON (AP) A Democratic privacy advocate and libertarian-minded Republican are asking the nation’s top intelligence official to release more information about the communications of American citizens swept up in surveillance operations.

The request by Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon and GOP Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky adds to a chorus of calls for more transparency about how intelligence agencies use and share communications to, from and about Americans.

The two want to know more about how agencies handle these communications as well as data about the number of Americans affected. They also want to make public the procedures on how intelligence about members of Congress is disseminated.

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    The USA is against itself. Sad. American Empire’s sunset is at sight, and the nations may plunge into endless conflicts without the strong America, but anything is better than Sodom’s monopoly reign. Sodom should not be mighty on earth, for the sake of all children. Jude 1. Each nation to its own destiny according to God’s justice and His mercy. Isaiah 40. Mankind will discover again that God saves and not the USA or any other strong nation. Americans must respect their Christian forefathers because they are better than modern men.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    Judeo-Christian values and godly purpose unite men, but greed makes every man a traitor to his neighbor. America needs God to be saved and become trustworthy again.

  • Grace Kim Kwon

    America needs a Christian-godly ideal to continue as a nation. America’s worst enemies are godless Americans within, not any foreign enemies. If America is godly, she doesn’t need to be afraid of anyone or anything because nations will repect her. If she is haughty against her Creator God, she cannot prosper. America’s only hope is Jesus.