US Religious Freedom Commission’s Annual Report Finds Persecution, ‘Land-Grabbing’ in Bangladesh

Bangladesh (Mission Network News) The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom released their 2017 annual report last week. The report described religious freedom violations in 37 countries, and made recommendations for the U.S. government to address them. Bangladesh, a 90 percent Muslim-majority nation, was included in the report.

Since the nation’s general elections 2014, Bangladesh has seen an increase in extremist activity against religious minorities, including from ISIS and Jamaatul Mujahedin Bangladesh (JMB). There’s also the widespread practice of ‘land-grabbing’ by government officials targeting minorities.

Peter Mazumder, National Co-Director of Asian Access Bangladesh says, “Last year in December, purposefully, government political leaders burned all the Christian houses [on an area of land], and also tribal groups that are not Christians. So 7,500 have been lost, burned by the police.”

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  • Grace Kim Kwon

    The Muslims have no concept of religious freedom to start with. On the other hand, secularism mandates sexual immorality as every Earthling’s duty. Mankind need the Judeo-Christian values to grant everyone religious freedom which is the pursuit of the truth. US Sodom is listed as a religious persecutor as well since this century.

    Mankind has been familiar with pagan persecutors; Sodomic persecutor, the current Western nations and their money-greedy mental slaves, is something new in the 21st century. Post-christian evil is worse than Pre-christian barbarism. Pre-christian tries to care for its young though they may be illiterate and barbaric; Post-christian Sodom willfully aims to make the youth destructive playboys and prostitutes and plans only population control. Humans need Jesus Christ for salvation and freedom and righteousness and peace. The Gospel of John.