Teens Record, Mock Disabled Man as He Drowns, But Will Likely Not Face Criminal Charges


COCOA, Fla. — A group of teenagers recorded a disabled man as he slowly drowned in a Florida detention pond earlier this month—swearing, laughing and calling out to him that no one was going to help him get out of the water.

“They were telling him they weren’t going in after him and that ‘you shouldn’t have gone in there,'” Yvonne Martinez, spokesperson for the Cocoa Police Department, told reporters.

“He started to struggle and scream for help, and they just laughed,” she lamented. “They didn’t call the police. They just laughed the whole time. He was just screaming … for someone to help him.”

The incident occurred on July 9, as Jamel Dunn, 32, went out for a walk following an argument with his girlfriend. Dunn used a cane as a walking aid, and for unknown reasons, he waded into the water.

Five teenagers, ages 14-16, who had been at the park smoking marijuana, saw Dunn enter the pond. However, instead of answering his cries for help, they turned on their cameras and began mocking him.

“Get out of the water, you gonna die,” one called out.

“We’re not going to help your [expletive]. You shouldn’t have got in,” another teen exclaimed. “Ain’t nobody going to help you, you dumb [expletive].”

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Dunn soon went under the water, and one remarked, “Oh, he just died,” to which the youth broke out into laughter. They continued to watch the pond, noting that the man had not resurfaced.

None of the teens called 911 or attempted to help him, but instead uploaded the footage to Facebook.

After Dunn’s girlfriend reported him missing, police found his body in the pond on July 14. A friend of Dunn’s soon also discovered the recording on social media and contacted authorities.

The teens were identified and questioned by police, but did not express any regret or sorrow.

“There was no remorse, only a smirk,” Martinez told Florida Today.

However, although police and prosecutors are horrified by the situation, they state that the teens will not likely face criminal charges as they cannot find any statutes that would be applicable.

“While the incident depicted on the recording does not give rise to sufficient evidence to support criminal prosecution under Florida statutes, we can find no moral justification for either the behavior of persons heard on the recording or the deliberate decision not to render aid to Mr. Dunn,” the office of Brevard County State Attorney Phil Archer said in a statement.

“We are deeply saddened and shocked at both the manner in which Mr. Dunn lost his life and the actions of the witnesses to this tragedy,” it said.

Dunn’s sister has launched a GoFundMe page in an effort to raise $20,000 for his funeral expenses. He had two daughters, ages 11 and 6.

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  • Amos Moses – He>i

    the same spirit mocked Christ on the way to His crucifixion …… /SMH …………..

  • FoJC

    I saw this today and thought many things. One thing was what the whites used to do when they saw the slaves suffering. Many laughed and chuckled and mocked, calling them all sorts of names. I wonder how many people realize that the generational enslavement of the Africans produced attitudes that have been passed down. They weren’t just made to work. They were psychologically altered, brutalized into accepting their enslavement. This attitude continued for many years even after slavery was finally outlawed via Constitutional Amendments. It’s no surprise it lingers among those who were victims of it.

    In fact, this stuff happens all the time on many levels. Someone is in trouble, they got themselves into trouble, and others just stand by and mock, rather than helping. The carnal nature makes people cruel and uncaring, high-minded and arrogant. These teens are simply acting on this nature. I suspect some of them, if not all, will look back on this when they grow up and wish they’d have help the man.

    When a person grows up seeing people of their race regularly killed and murdered, they tend to grow numb to it. It’s heartbreaking, but a reality many don’t have to encounter day in and day out. Rather than call them names, as so many did in the comments on YouTube, people should examine their hearts to make certain they’re not doing similar things.

    From the sound of the teens voices, I’m assuming some, if not all were, also black, but it’s foolish to assume that teens of another race would have done differently. Race was repeatedly referred to in the comments section of the video I watched. Someone died, those standing close did nothing to try to stop it, and most could only write tirades about race. This is another carnal reaction to the brutality which occurs in America and the world.

    These teens need someone who cares about them to help them see just how wrong there were not calling for help, even if they didn’t think they could do it themselves. What they will most likely get is harassed, hated, and driven further into their hard attitudes. I pray someone around them sees the need to help them understand, rather than just passing final judgement on them and letting them “die”.

    Follow Jesus, find Wisdom.

    • Oboehner

      We are ALL slaves now.

    • Coach

      Thank you for sharing, another thing for us Christians to think about, is our attitude to those who die in their sins. Do we love them enough to warn them of the wrath of God to come. We desperately need God to ring an awakening.

  • pst. chris nagbe

    evil spirits are still around but it take prayers to stop them

  • Trilemma

    If this had happened in Minnesota, these teens would have been arrested for failure to give reasonable assistance.

  • mikegillespie

    I wonder if any of them identify as “progressives.” They’re kind of notorious for talking “compassion” without actually practicing it.

    • Robert

      Don’t all progressives believe what Darwin thought. .this is nothing more. Than the Darwinian effects on american school children finest hour .. Laughing at those not fit to survive a cleaning of the gene pool.

  • Blood Vipre

    My prayers go out to the family of this man. What a tragedy.

  • Louis C

    For everyone who espouses the false Theory of Evolution and doesn’t believe in God, this is the perfect, disgusting example of what happens when one has no moral compass except oneself and a belief that there are those who deserve to die, whether because they are too stupid, too feeble, too old, worship a different God… or are just a disposable little foetus whose birth would become a financial inconvenience or burden to yourself.

    “Survival of the fittest.” Now that true belief in Jesus Christ is steadily being driven from the land by secular atheists, humanists and a raft of libertine liberal politicians, legislators and their supporters who are introducing one selfish and depraved ideology after another into our children’s education, expect more incidents like this that betray the essential self centredness of these beliefs.

    Q. Why didn’t they save him?
    A. Why should they? – That’s evolution theory for you in a nutshell.