Former Facebook President Sean Parker: ‘God Only Knows What It’s Doing to Our Children’s Brains’

(The Telegraph) Facebook has been criticized by one of its founding members for “exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology” and putting children’s mental health at risk.

Sean Parker, the former president of Facebook who joined Mark Zuckerberg’s company in its first months, said the company’s founders intentionally built the site to consume as much human attention as possible.

Parker, who has made billions as an early shareholder in the social network, also criticized Facebook’s effect on children. “It literally changes your relationship with society, with each other,” he told newsite Axios. “It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways. God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.”

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  • vicnicholls

    Not surprised.

  • DrIndica

    Why is this IT professional, albeit successful, considered an authority on psychology? Analogous to Jenny McCarthy being considered an expert on childhood vaccinations.

  • Cee Jae

    typical ~ Ytube types have been doing this for years
    The more radical defending violetkitty411 types took it a step further

  • NWaff

    I wouldn’t say Facebook was the first – try Myspace.