Saying Grace Before Meal Could Offend Non-Christians and Atheists, UK Girl Guides Leaders Told

(Premier) It has emerged young UK Guides members are not being invited to thank God during grace, under guidance being issued to leaders in a bid boost inclusivity.

While acknowledging that it “may be traditional to say or sing grace before a meal” during a residential event, the advice urges leaders to consider “how this might make members who are from a different faith, or have no faith, feel.”

It recommends: “If you’d like to say something before a meal, try to think of a statement that doesn’t make reference to any particular god or faith.

“For example, ‘Let’s all take a moment to show gratitude for this food and to remember how fortunate we are to have this meal.'”

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  • Robin Egg

    This was founded as a Christian organization. If grace before meals “offends” you, then join another organization. But, once again, leadership bows to the altar of Baal.

    • YoikesAndAway

      What ever happened to basic respect for others as well. If I went to a home or part of a Jewish group and they wanted to say a prayer, even though I am christian and a guest/participant I would respect others wishes/needs. This is just basic intolerance by the tolerance police who lack the wisdom and manners to show respect to others.

      • Robin Egg

        You basically answered your own question. If you went to a home that is Jewish and they wanted to pray you would respect that, correct? Well, this is a Christian organization, so why would anybody who joins it expect them to not pray to their Christian God? That is not respect. That is arrogance to expect a Christian to set aside their beliefs because someone else does not believe.

        • DrIndica

          Can you identify where in British law, freedom of religion is codified?

          • Amos Moses – He>i

            does not appear to be a matter of “British law” ….. so why ………….. watered down christianity …. is not …………

          • lanahi

            And, of course, it says somewhere that we all have the right not to be offended???

            Does it say somewhere that we can practice our religion but only in private? In public, it must stay hidden?

            Deference to Christianity is not codified, but neither is deference to atheism and non-Christian religions. By protecting some apparently fragile egos who cannot tolerate true diversity, we remove protections for others, thus allowing the offended group to hold sway over all others. How is this a step forward to true human rights?

            Also, “rights” have to do with government, not private organizations. If you do not agree with that private organization, you are free to go elsewhere.

  • Harry Oh!

    The day is soon coming when ‘they’ will outright ban Christianity. And the Christians will have no one but themselves to blame for letting it happen. Grow a pair people, and fight back!

  • Chet

    Pray to, but “don’t make reference to any particular god or faith” they say. There is but one God, the great I AM, the Holy One of Israel, Jehova, the King of kings and Lord of Lords and His name is Jesus Christ of Calvary, the God-man come to earth to suffer and willingly die on Calvary’s cross on behalf of all us sinners…