Doctor Accused of Spiking Pregnant Girlfriend’s Tea With Abortion Pill

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WREG-TV) — A doctor is facing several charges after his girlfriend said he spiked her drink with an abortion pill, causing her to lose her unborn baby, according to WROC.

Brook Fiske and Sikander Imran had been dating on and off for three years, when Imran, a doctor, moved from Rochester to Arlington, Va., for a new job. That’s when he learned Fiske was pregnant.

“He didn’t want to have a baby so he tried to talk me into having an abortion, which I didn’t want to do,” Fiske said.

Fiske said she was 17 weeks pregnant when she went to Virginia to visit Imran to plan how they would raise the child. Fiske claims that’s when Imran poisoned her.

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  • cadcoke5

    The man should be charged with murder. She deserves some financial compensation for the emotional harm from the loss of her child. Also, add the estimated cost of hiring aid workers to take the place of all the physical assistance a child may provide an aging parent, including such thinks as 24hr live-in aids, as an alternative to a nursing home.

    • cadcoke5

      Oops, forgot one more category of money. The crime would have prevented him from paying child support. So, to avoid benefiting from his crime, the lady should get all the money she would have received from him for child support.

  • Robin Egg

    This is a very sad story on many levels. What a cowardly thing to do to this woman.