Catholic Group Presents Homosexual Sitcom with Prestigious Award

A nationally-known Catholic group recently presented a prestigious award to producers of a sitcom about homosexuality.

Catholics in Media (CIM), who states that its purpose is to applaud “those projects and people in the entertainment industry, who, by their work, have made clearer the Word of God,” recently honored the television show “Modern Family” at an awards brunch in Beverly Hills.

“Modern Family” portrays the lives of two homosexual men, Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker, who live together with their two year old daughter, Lily, whom they adopted from Vietnam. In one of the episodes, Lily uses profanity, and “The Kiss” displays the two men locking lips.

“We’re not the only one who fell in love with this hilarious modern comedy,” CIM’s website states. “[T]he cookie cutter mold of man + wife + 2.5 kids is a thing of the past.”

The media organization says that it has received numerous complaints regarding its decision to applaud the sitcom, but refuted that it would be the choice that Jesus would make as well.

“[Christ] opened his arms to everyone, embracing all who came to Him, condemning no one,” CIM stated. “He was catholic with a small ‘c’ and universal, and we believe He’d have wanted His Church to be the same.”

During the awards brunch, the organization also gave kudos to Martin Scorsese for his film”Hugo.” Scorsese was the producer of the 1988 film “The Last Temptation of Christ,” which portrayed Jesus as being in a romantic relationship with Mary Magdalene. Scorsese thanked CIM during the brunch for “rallying around” his film, which had infuriated many others who had perceived “The Last Temptation” as being blasphemous.

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“Modern Family” has won 11 Emmy awards as well as a Golden Globe award. It debuted on ABC Television in the fall of 2009, and by the following year, it became the sixteenth most profitable television broadcast in the nation, garnering 1.6 million an episode. Last year, Barack Obama told People Magazine that it was his top pick for television viewing with his family.

“For the girls and me, Modern Family, that’s our favorite show,” he stated, adding that instead of sports, he likes to watch programs that are “a little darker,” such as “Boardwalk Empire” and “Homeland.”

The broadcast has been viewed as an avenue to gain social acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle.

“A decade ago, [homosexuals] would have balked—and balked loudly—at how frequently Cameron in particular tips into limp-wristed, high-voiced caricature,” wrote New York Times columnist Frank Bruni. “[Now], most gay people trust that the television audience knows we’re a diverse tribe, not easily pigeonholed. ... ‘Modern Family’ endows us with a sort of comic banality. It’s an odd kind of progress. But it’s progress nonetheless,” he stated.

The Catholics in Media award has been dubbed as “The Catholic Oscar.” The group was organized in 1992 by Catholic priest Tony Scannel.

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