Romney Releases New Television Ad Underscoring Support for Abortion, Contraception

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has released a new television advertisement underscoring his support for abortion and contraception.

The thirty second advertisement, geared toward women voters, features Sarah Minto, who outlines that she had concerns about Romney’s “extreme” abortion views until she realized that he wasn’t completely opposed to abortion after all.

“You know, those ads saying that Mitt Romney would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme, so I looked into it,” she says. “Turns out, Romney doesn’t oppose contraception at all. In fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest or to save a mother’s life.”

“This issue is important to me,” Minto continues. “But, I’m more concerned with the debt our children will be left with.”

She advises that she voted for Barack Obama in 2008, but does not plan to do so this election.

“We just can’t afford four more years,” she states.

The advertisement concludes with the required, “I’m Mitt Romney, and I approve this message.”

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Tuesday evening, during his second televised debate with Barack Obama, Romney reiterated this position.

“I’d just note that I don’t believe that bureaucrats in Washington should tell someone whether they can use contraceptives or not, and I don’t believe employers should tell someone whether they could have contraceptive care or not,” Romney remarked. “Every woman in America should have access to contraceptives.”

He also declared in January during the primaries, “I can’t imagine a state banning contraception. I can’t imagine the circumstances where a state would want to do so, and if I were a governor of a state or a state legislature, I would totally and completely oppose any effort to ban contraception.”

“[T]he position of the campaign is not to oppose abortion in the cases of rape, incest and to protect the life of the mother,” Romney campaign spokesman Brendan Buck told Christian News Network in August. “Congressman Ryan’s personal beliefs provide only a life of the mother exception, but the position of the Romney-Ryan campaign also allows exceptions in the case of rape or incest.”

According to, the official LDS position on abortion allows for exceptions, including “where the pregnancy was caused by rape and produces serious emotional trauma in the mother.”

The Romney campaign has reportedly purchased ad space to run its television advertisement in Virginia, Ohio and Wisconsin.

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  • Bill

    Elaine, you have been mis-informed. First, contraceptives are abortifacients — in addition to controlling ovulation, they also in some cases function by causing the abortion of a fertilized ovum. Second, over a period of time (I believe the studies say 10 years), contraceptives fail in up to 90% of women: other drugs counteract the contraceptive, the contraceptive was not strong enough to be effective, the contraceptive drug was not taken (forgotten, or for some other reason), and so on. Condoms are even worse — people get used to having sex, then they decide to have sex without the condom because they feel “safe” or because it’s inconvenient.

  • Nancy Blanchard

    This is the most difficult presidential election I remember, I don’t want to vote for either of the main candidates. Romney up until he decided to run for president had been pro-choice for quite a while and I’ve also read his wife had donated to planned parenthood. So I don’t know if I believe him now when he says he is pro-life now. It seems as it gets closer to the election, the closer he gets to his old positions. I think it is political expediency. What he really thinks, I don’t know.
    On the other hand President Obama is the most pro-abortion president I remember. It’s like having two very bad choices. I may go with a third party candidate. I’m having a hard time deciding.