Principal Under Fire for Exposing Middle School Students to Explicit ‘Diversity Day’ Foreplay Talk

Reading, writing and… homosexual foreplay? Parents of youth at a middle school in Maine are expressing outrage following an incident during the school’s recent Diversity Day, where children were exposed to explicit discussion about homosexual foreplay.

According to reports, the civil rights team at Gorham Middle School invited the group Proud Rainbow Youth of Southern Maine (PRYSM) to give a presentation to students last week about gender diversity and tolerance of the homosexual lifestyle.

However, during the end of the school assembly where students, grades six to eight, participated in a question and answer session, the discussion turned sexual in nature. Youth and teachers listened as the group provided details about homosexual foreplay.

While teachers state that the discussion happened so fast that they weren’t sure what to do or how to intervene, parents are outraged that their sons and daughters were exposed to the topic.

“I don’t want my child taught heterosexual foreplay, let alone homosexual foreplay in school. I don’t think it’s the place,” parent Kristy Howard told reporters. “If you feel something is wrong, you stop it immediately. And that didn’t happen. That’s bothersome to me.”

Howard said that she found out about the discussion when her son came home from school and began to tell her about what he had learned.

Following the incident, the school sent home a letter to parents to apologize.

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“The presenters went beyond the scope of our intentions to topics not deemed appropriate,” the letter reads.

However, Gorham Middle School Principal Robert Riley, who was alerted about the matter by concerned teachers, stated that while he regrets the discussion about homosexual foreplay, he feels that overall, the presentation was good for students.

“This day went very, very well, with the exception of that particular time,” he said.

Therefore, some say that the school’s apology is not good enough.

“The man is not repentant. …. That doesn’t sound like someone that’s truly concerned about the lewd nature of the discussion,” said Pastor Jeremy Hiltz of Windsor Memorial Baptist Church in Windsor.

Hiltz said that he first heard about the presentation Saturday night from church members who were upset that children were exposed to the topic.

“I’m against the Diversity Day altogether,” he said. “I don’t think that there needs to be any kind of homosexual activists speaking to the students. I don’t think that’s part of education. I think that’s part of indoctrination. But, I also find it disturbing that it went into a sexually explicit nature. … This is way over the line.”

Hiltz is a father of four boys, and also works as a substitute teacher. While he and his wife homeschool their children, he states that if his children were put in such a situation, he would remove those in authority that promoted ‘Diversity Day’ in the first place.

“I would demand that the school principal, and anyone else that is responsible for bringing the speaker in, be fired,” he said. “I would not stop until disciplinary action is taken.”

Hiltz is urging parents and those across the nation to do just that.

“I think we need to put pressure on him to resign,” he said. “I think he’s morally bankrupt [and] we need to make sure it never happens again.”


Editor’s Note: Those wishing to express concern over the situation may contact Superintendent Ted Sharp at 207-222-1012 or email Principal Robert Riley may be contacted at 207-222-1220 or

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  • Frank

    I was a teacher at a school where the Principal was caught with child pornography on school grounds. It seems that there is a movement within the gay community to populate certain key industries with pro-gay advocates, such as the media and education industries, so as to get the most ‘bang for the buck’ in desensitising then converting children to homosexual behavior. We should basically make it illegal to discuss anything related to sex with anyone under the age of 18, and relegate those topics to parents to teach to children. If a school wants to teach any such material to a child, they must have the absolute written consent of the parents prior to any such material being provided to children, or else they should risk arrest for any attempt to teach children sexual themes or content without parental approval.