First Openly ‘Gay’ U.S. Senator Elected in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has elected the first openly homosexual member of the United States Senate in the history of the nation.

Tammy Baldwin, 50, had been running as a Democrat against Republican challenger Tommy Thompson, 70, who formerly served as governor of the state. She first held office as a state representative in 1998, and is stated to have kept her sexuality in the shadows for the most part.

However, much has been made of Baldwin’s win Tuesday, which makes her the first lesbian to serve the Senate in Washington. Pro-homosexual groups are applauding her victory as an achievement for the homosexual agenda.

“Baldwin’s victory ensures the [homosexual] community will have a voice in the Senate,” said Jason Burns, Executive Director of Equality Wisconsin.

Baldwin herself made a statement to supporters on this matter following her win.

“Now, I am well aware that I will have the honor to be Wisconsin’s first woman U.S. Senator,” she said. “And I am well aware I will be the first openly gay member of the United States Senate.”

Thompson, who conceded last night, stated that he will retire from politics.

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“I’m not going to run again,” he said. “But I certainly am going to be supporting people to do the right things for the right reasons to build Wisconsin and build America.”

The race between Thompson and Baldwin was said to be the most expensive in Wisconsin’s history, costing approximately $65 million between the two campaigns.

In addition to Baldwin’s win Tuesday, which some believe further brought the homosexual lifestyle into the spotlight, Maine and Maryland “legalized” homosexual “marriage.” Ballot initiatives presented in Washington and Minnesota on the issue are still too close to call.

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